Sunday, February 28, 2010

Got an interesting letter from Reagan Dunn. Wants money. Doesn't really say why.

So, there... in my mailbox... a letter from a nice guy named Reagan Dunn.

It's a fund raiser. Says he's "Chair, Republican Caucus."

I gotta wonder: what the hell does THAT mean?

Let's see. In the House, it's Richard DeBolt. In the Senate, it's some guy named Hewitt? And in the GOP, it's Esser for the state wide party.

So, I admit some confusion. What "Republican Caucus" is he talking about. And why should I give them money?

Well, let's look at the letter.

Fairly standard schlock. Talks about how screwed up things are... and then wants my money to bring some sort of rather nebulous "message of budget discipline to every level of Washington State."

Message? What message? How? Who? Who the hell ARE you, anyway? So, the letter talks about how you were a "no" vote on the King County council for a foot ferry system.

Well, that must mean that your effort to stop it didn't work.

Apparently, you couldn't get any other Republicans to vote with you. So.... why should I give you my money, again?

It says you will "stand up for me against this kind of spending." But since you failed to stop "that kind of spending," why should I give you my money, again?

You "need my help today?"

For what?

You're not running for governor. That's either going to be Rob or Dino. Or both.

You're not running for the Senate. If you were, with your practically nonexistent name ID, you already would have announced.

So why should I send you money?

At this point, I see little difference between you and a staffer I saw in DC after the GOP tsunami of 94. He was holding a cardboard "homeless" type sign that said "Not hungry, not homeless, will work for legislation."

You just want me to send you money for no reason I can ferret out, that you're going to use for whatever you want... like, maybe, get new siding for the house?

Sorry. I don't have that much money to give away. And if I did, it wouldn't be to a politician.

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Kriss said...

Evidently Reagan Dunn is a King County Council member, District 9. He's got a web page ( and basically it says he got re-elected as a council member in the fall and that's all. He does have a contribution button, but there is nothing that I found that says what he's raising funds for. Perhaps his next campaign in King County...but then, why would he be writing to you? Fascinating....raising money for unspecified projects. Kind of fits right in, huh?