Sunday, January 31, 2010

Democrat Vancouver City Councilman Pat Campbell stops on by to defend Herrera's SEIU sell out.

Look, I get that Jaime Herrera pledged to "be a friend to organized labor" when she lied her way into her appointment to the 18th District House seat a couple of years ago. But co-sponsoring SEIU bills to provide collective bargaining to child care workers and then twice voting FOR such a moronic bill?

Well, how "Republican" is that?
I guess it boils down to who you want caring for your children and grandchildren? Folks who have some substance or folks in extreme poverty? Having been a day care licensing caseworker and a parole officer, I have an opinion on this. Herrera is consistent in wanting the unborn and born protected. You folks are also consistent...

-Pat Campbell

(Anonymous) 1/30/10

I appreciate former Republican Pat Campbell stopping by to share his vision and union cheer-leading, a view that dovetails so closely with Herrera's.

So, let's get this straight: both democrat Campbell and faux Republican Herrera like the idea of jacking up the cost of child care/day care so much that it will make it impossible, for any practical purpose, for low-income wage earners to be able to afford the much higher rates for day care this kind of idiocy will ultimately cause?

It is frightening that either of these two were ever elected to anything, of course, given their obvious inability to determine the long term impacts of their efforts. And, of course, Campbell's vision includes such outright stupidity as ramming an unneeded and unwanted bridge with loot rail down our throats (An act that will ALSO hurt hundreds if not thousands of daily commuters who will have to PAY for this bridge and loot rail that we do not want... and do not need.) as well as getting rid of the sales tax exemption for Oregon shoppers; and who moronically enough has requested that "God forgive" those smart enough to oppose that tribal blight on our community, the massive Cowlitz megacasino.

At the end of the day, if child care workers don't like the money.... well, they can certainly find some other line of work. Slamming those least able to afford his moronic view of the world along with that of our empty suited faux Republican who co-sponsored and voted for the SEIU-inspired bill?

Why would any Republican ever vote for Herrera, again?

Because with friends like fringe-leftist democrat Campbell, there's no percentage in voting for a fake Republican when the real deal happens to still be available.

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Lew Waters said...

Does Pat feel that someone poor is somehow unqualified to watch children?

Or, do they not see what sort of expense will be placed on the working poor by having to pay childcare at Union Scale?

If taxpayers foot the bill, even partly, do we really want to raise taxes even more?

Then again, look how well Unions have done for our automakers, schools and large pro-Union cities.

With a track record like that, maybe it is the Union we should be concerned about watching our children.