Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brian Baird: Coward (XXVI) More lies to support our congressional scumbag from the democrat newsletter, the Columbian.

We've established that Brian Baird is a coward. We've also established that the editorial leadership of the Columbian are a group of leftist, hypocritical, scumbags; who wouldn't hold a democrat politician THEY have endorsed accountable if he or she knocked over a 7-11 on the way to an interview.

Put those slime together and you get today's revisionist lies from the effluent that are the anonymous writer(s) of today's editorial lies about Baird.

Baird and Tim "The Liar" Leavitt have at least one thing in common: They both CLAIM to have a position, only to ignore that position when crunch time rolls around.

With Tim "The Liar," it's his totally bogus and manipulative campaign to get people to think he actually, truly and REALLY opposes tolls on that massive, unneeded and unwanted crap pile this rag is attempting to ram down our throats known as the I-5 Bridge.

When tolls on a project you have repeatedly supported are inevitable and the project will NOT be built without tolls in place; and you suddenly come out opposed to tolls... only to refuse to oppose the project if tolls are implemented.... well, that makes you a lying, scummy little worm.

With Brian "The Coward" Baird, best known for referring to me as a "Nazi" and a "Brown Shirt" because I'm wise enough to oppose his messiah's socialized medicine efforts, the issue is his mythical demand for a 72 hour period to review bills before they voted on in Congress.

Baird's been whining about this for years. On the surface, at least, the idea is great. In fact, I support it 100%.

The PROBLEM is Baird's lack of guts in living by the rule he wants enforced.

Oh... he'll tell you that he voted AGAINST a GOP Prescription Bill in 2008, when Bush was president, because of that very thing... a lack of time available to read the bill... and I have no problem with that at all.

That was his issue; there wasn't enough time available... so vote "no" on the bill.

After all, shouldn't Congress live by the rule that says "First, do no harm?"

So, like I say.... on the surface, at least, that's all good.

Which brings us to THIS year: Baird admits that it was impossible to read the Porkulus Bill and impossible to read the Cap and rip off tax that will cost us tens of billions over time.

So, take a quick guess as to what our Cowardman did.

Do you think he actually would vote "no" under these circumstances?

After all, our scumbag Cowardman has taken a stand! He's drawn a line in the sand! According to his public information office (AKA "The Columbian,") Baird is really, really, gonna do something about it THIS time.

HE VOTED YES ON BILLS HE HADN'T READ. The scummy Columbian has engaged in nothing BUT damage control for this scumbag, and do you think they mentioned Baird's utterly unconscionable hypocrisy by voting "yes" on two of the biggest bills in this nation's history WITHOUT READING THE DAMNED THINGS FIRST??????

If Baird had an "R" after his name, our local disgrace to journalism would be joining with me in charging our Cowardman with the rank, reeking hypocrisy he is so convicted off.


This despicable rag CANNOT go out of business fast enough.

Their continuing and sickening efforts to rehab this clown go beyond any pretense of fairness or journalistic integrity, as foreign a term at this cat litter box liner as "Common Sense."

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