Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So, newly-elected DEMOCRAT Portland Mayor Sam Adams had a sexual relationship with a teenager.

So, Sam Adams had a sexual relationship with a teenager.

That probably won’t make any difference to the idiots that voted for him. After all, as he takes his rightful place as the chief hedonist of Sodom-on-the-Willamette, that sort of thing is just par for his particular course.

Adams is a coward, both politically and morally. He’s not, finally, admitting to his perversion because it’s the right thing to do; no, that’s simply not possible. Instead, he’s fessin’ up because the Willamette Weekly has nailed him.

Had Mr. Adams been possessed of character, he would have told the truth before the election. But like most democrats striving to reach the bar lowered by Bill Clinton, that must depend on what your definition of “is,” is.

Mr. Adams must resign. Lying by omission, even if not technically illegal, provides him with no excuse.

He is not scum because he’s a promiscuous homosexual; that truly IS his business. What makes him scum is that he’s so PROUD of the fact that he nails other men, apparently even those just barely legal. And that, dear reader, is the kind of conduct that would INSTANTLY destroy a heterosexual politician, or even a politician with bisexual leanings… like Republican Congressman Mark Foley… and his democrat replacement who would, apparently, have sex with about anything that moved.

There will be few calls for his resignation. The double-standard is firmly in place, and homosexual politicians could, effectively, molest a Boy Scout troop and the MSM wouldn’t bat an eyelash… because, for their side, it’s ALWAYS “different.”

Adams should go, and do it right now. But he’s already proven he lacks the guts to do the right thing in the past… why would anyone believe he’d suddenly transform into a moral individual with something approaching character now?

And, in this article, note once again the absence from either the Columbian OR the Associated Press any mention of Adams' party affiliation... and ponder, again, if you will, the fact that had Adams been a Republican, that affiliation would have been in every other word in the article.

Portland mayor admits past relationship with teen
Monday, January 19 9:58 p.m.
The Associated Press

More than a year after denying it, the newly elected mayor of Portland has admitted having a sexual relationship with a male teenager in 2005.

Sam Adams, who is openly gay, acknowledged the relationship in a statement Monday, after the Willamette Week newspaper broke the story on its Web site.

In Washington, D.C., for the inauguration, Adams will cut his trip short to issue a public apology Tuesday afternoon in Portland, said Wade Nkrumah, his spokesman.

Adams, 45, said he and the teen were together in the summer of 2005, shortly after the teenager turned 18 in June, and when Adams was a city commissioner. The revelations come nearly a year and a half after Adams and the teen said rumors of a sexual relationship between them were false.



Micah said...

I'd like to start out by saying it is my personal opinion that Sam Adams should resign because he has proven to be untrustworthy. The inappropriateness of his relationship with the young man is also disappointing for me as a Portlander. However, Sam Adams is elected to a non-partisan office. So while it would be entirely legitimate for a news organization to call him, "liberal mayor of Portland, Sam Adams", they can't call him "democrat, Sam Adams" without stretching the bounds of journalistic integrity. This may explain the absence of party affiliation in the AP story.

Just a guy said...

A pertinent point. But in this instance, my take is that Mr. Adams' party affiliation transcends the nonpartisan nature of his elective office.

When, for example, I was a Republican, even had I been elected to a nonpartisan office, that would still make me no less a Republican.

And to those of you flooding this site with obscenities because of my perspective; believe me, you do your champion no justice.

If anyone disagrees with me, I invite them to engage in civil discourse. But the threats and name-calling will be filtered out.

Every perspective is valid. Even those who feel compelled to engage in playground histrionics have a valid perspective... somewhere... but it will not be shown on this blog unless it is presented like an adult.

Micah said...

Fair enough. But when the AP compiled their story they may not have been able to confirm Sam Adams' party affiliation before they sent it out on the wire. That AP story is the one picked up by virtually every news organization, including conservative ones.

I guess I'm just saying I don't think this is media bias so much as a rush job by the AP.

At any rate we can agree that this is attracting alot of unwanted, and I think, undeserved negative attention for our neck of the woods. Clearly what's best for Portland is for him to resign. If he keeps his word from todays press conference that is presumably what he will do... we shall see.

4simpsons said...

Excellent points, and thanks for highlighting the DEMOCRAT part. I've been searching for his political affiliation. I was 99.9% certain of it, of course.

Don't you just know that if it was a Republican in this non-partisan office that they would have withheld that?