Thursday, December 27, 2018

The truth will out: The Attorney General drops the hammer on Gellatly... and local GOP.

For the entirety of the time Gellatly was, to our misfortune, the chair of the local GOP; he blamed everyone else for anything that went wrong.

How many times, for example, did he publicly libel the former treasurer of the local GOP, Suzanne Gerhardt, over her handling of the PDC's?

Everything that was wrong, everything the party got hammered for when it came to PDC related issues, was her fault.

According to Gellatly.

In the despicable RINO coup of October '17, that Gellatly lied about her like he lied about everyone else wise enough to oppose him.  His supporters, such as Donnelly, Hart, Gaston, Boger, Ferris, Jesser and many others who lack the sense of a board fence backed this guy no matter WHAT he did.

Use cocaine?  Not his fault; instead it was MY fault for telling the world he was engaging in illegal drug activity WHILE chair of the Clark County GOP.

Multiple counts of theft, multiple DUI's, bench warrants, and even blowing off a judge at the hearing that resulted in a massive fine against the local Party which Gellatly, of course, held himself absolutely blameless for... even though HE was the one who didn't bother to show up.

NONE of that mattered to his supporters.

And now?  Now the AG's Office is going to drop the hammer on the Party that Gellatly left behind in a complete shambles.

So, who does Gellatly blame now?

Can't be Suzanne: she was long gone.  At the end, in the middle of wasting board time censuring me, Karen and Suzanne, he gave Jesser $1200 that was SUPPOSED to go to satisfy the AG judgment to his buddy's fake GOP outfit.

This isn't all the skullduggery he's been involved in, there's more to come.

But the AG's office makes it clear:  over $13,300 that they wasted on things like those idiotic "Be Bold" signs was SUPPOSED to go towards satisfying the judgment of the Court.
The CCRCC did not send any payment to the State on September 1, 2018 or on December 1, 2018. Further, the "accountings" sent in apparent attempt to justify not making these required payments were untimely and deficient on their face. These "accountings" improperly contain deductions for expenses that were not "incurred in collecting donations" made after June 1, 2018. Rather, it appears the CCRCC is deducting unrelated expenses, including, but not limited to for the following activities: GOTV, rent, meetings, office, internet, and consulting. The accountings also improperly include expenses for donations collected before June 1, 2018. I last attempted to contact you on December 3, 2018 .to address these accounting errors. You did not respond to me.
Who was responsible for that?

The board and the RINO PCO's that supported him.  The board that voted for what amounted to these illegal expenditures.

And Gellatly himself.

See, HE knew better.  He knew more than anyone else.  He had deluded himself into believing he was the smartest guy in the room.

Well, looks like this letter put the lie to THAT, doesn't it?
In order to bring it into compliance with the judgment, the CCRCC must immediately provide the State with a corrected accounting through December 1, 2018 and the full payment it owes the State under the terms of the Court's judgment. If this does not occur by January 15, 2019, the State will request the Court find the CCRCC in contempt and impose immediate sanctions for its non-compliance with the Court's June 8, 2018 order. 
Based on the judgment, the accounting should only include the donations received during the applicable time-period and only the expenses directly incurred to raise those donations. Based on the State's own review of the CCRCC's PDC filings, it estimates that the September 1, 2018 payment to the State should have been approximately $8,917.08 and the December 1, 2018 payment to the State should have been approximately $4,439.21.
See, David, there's no one else you can blame now.  This is ALLLLLLLLL you.

YOU left the Party finances in a shambles, Gellatly.  An ongoing train wreck.

And whether you did it deliberately or accidentally, it's a result of YOUR actions.... YOUR decisions.

Now, will Jesser's fake GOP outfit give the money back, money they never should have received?

Fat chance.

And all this time, you kept blaming everyone else when the one responsible was always right there, at the end of the ever-shrinking concentric circles that stopped right in the middle of YOUR chest.

Well, guess what: the blame is now all on you... and those people who slavishly supported the continuing disaster of your tenure.

I'm sure all of them will cheerfully step up and make up for the short-coming YOU are responsible for...and THEY are responsible for because THEY demanded that you continued in office... while THEY insisted on ignoring the damage you were doing and have done... as if it wasn't happening.

And how sad and pathetic is that?

Meanwhile, the new Administration is working hard to put the organization back together again.  With sanity once again prevailing, we will overcome the deliberate effort to destroy the Party organization, the spiteful attempt to bankrupt the local GOP.

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Jim said...

Where was the board during this? Didn't anyone check to be sure the payments were made?
How about the treasurer? Didn't notice?