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Gellatly and his PCO supporters are responsible for the destruction of the finances of the local GOP.

As regular readers know, the Gellatly Regime failed to pay a nickel ALL YEAR to the Court as required by the default judgment resulting from Gellatly blowing off the hearing resulting in the possibility of a $75,000 fine and the absolute responsibility for the $46,000 minimum fine the Party must pay.... thanks to him and his supporters.

I and many others tried to warn the RINO PCO Clique.  But not only they did they refuse to listen, they savaged myself and others who brought forward the information that the then-GOP Chair was a druggy, a thug, someone who had been popped 4 times on theft-3 charges, who blew off court dates for those and other court issues and who had been twice busted for DUI.

They didn't even care that Druggy blew off the court date with the AG's office that resulted in the horrific fine his incompetence cost us.

So, yes.  Those RINO PCO's who blew us off and enabled him are just as responsible for this as they were the election of Marc Boldt to county chair when they abandoned the GOP to support Boldt.

And, as expected, the delusional clown that caused all this through his incompetence and stupidity, not to mention his political and legal ignorance, is full of the typical excuses and self-justification that caused his tenure to be such a disaster in the first place.

Have a read at what this simpleton sent in to excuse his behavior:
Chairman Earl Bowerman,  
I have been made aware that an issue with the fine from the AG’s office has been posted on social media, which is causing a lot of confusion and misinformation as these things always do when not properly handled in a professional manner. I hope to provide some clarification and assistance. 
To give an accurate review what lead to the fine, this fine was assessed statewide to many political organizations as a per item over 100 dollars and over 30 days late, based on how many days late. This was for items from 2012-17, the majority being in 2015-16 and due to the failure to follow PDC filing laws by Kenny Smith, Michael Delevar, and Suzanne Garhardt. The agreement suspended 50% of the payment so long as we do not continue to violate PDC law, which has not happened to my knowledge since Joseph Delli Gatti was elected, for which we should all be grateful. 
The payments were to be made quarterly, with first payment due for Sept 1st. The payments are to include 50% of income excluding ALL costs associated with raising funds. This association was left broad to ensure it was to include the items discussed with the AG’s office to ensure we were left with the full ability to continue to operate; such as all marketing, required operational costs and all fundraising costs, as these are all required for us have the ability to raise funds. (my emphasis)
Our treasurer had reported to the board that we had a net loss between associated costs and income for the period due Sept 1st so no payment was issued. This was also the information given for the payment due in December although our board’s term had officially ended at that time. I received a voicemail from Todd at the AG’s office on December 3rd which he requested a return call, to which I attempted to return multiple times and left him voicemails as well. He then communicated via email on December 26th, after the new board was elected, to which I informed him of the election and the need to communicate with the current board members & chairman. 
After the information was sent to you, it was apparently immediately published on social media rather than reviewed appropriately. I am sorry that this happened, it certainly causes a lot more time to correct misinformation than releasing the accurate facts all at once. I have reviewed the letter and it appears as though the AG’s office is stating the quarterly statement included items that were not to be excluded for deduction prior to payment consideration, such as GOTV and meetings, but also stated as errors are items such as rent and utilities which are 100% accurate to have included in deductions as they directly affect the party’s ability to raise funds. 
With all this considered, the AG is simply requesting an accurate quarterly statement with income, deductions, and net income after deductions. IF there is net income after deductions, then 50% percent of this amount would be due. This would not be a large amount if there is one, and the party should have plenty of funds to handle what payment may be due if so. If our treasurer made an error based on misunderstanding the correct allowed deductions, I apologize on behalf of our board for not catching it as we did not review the provided statement to the AG and the AG’s office had never notified us about any concerns during our term. I believe that the process of providing the AG with the info they are requesting is a fairly easy request to comply with and it allows plenty of time to do so, as it is just revising the 2 statements. I am sure Joseph is willing to help as am I. If any amount is due, it will be FAR smaller than what the AG’s letter is insinuating.  
I can certainly understand your frustration walking into a mess with the AG’s office and the fines for a period outside of your control or responsibility, as I had to as well with this whole deal that was passed on to me by the previous administration. If I can help to clarify anything else, please let me know. I am sure the party appreciates your promise to resolve the issue from years ago, as many stated they gave you their vote with this as the primary reason. If you would like to set a time to meet with both the current and previous treasurer and you and myself, I am happy to make time to help clarify and resolve this. I wish you the best of luck, 
David Gellatly
There's lies, damned lies, and Davey Gellatly.

First of all, I congratulate him on finding someone to edit his usual babbling.  As false as most everything in this self-serving pap is, the spelling and grammar almost makes it unrecognizable compared to his usual product.

Secondly, it would take Mr. Sipes about 60 seconds to blow this moron out of court, if he ever bothered to show up.

If Druggy's take was close to correct, NONE of the parties ensnared in this process would have to pay a thing towards their fines.  They would do what Druggy did, and fold ALL of the parties expenses into this umbrella of lies and wind up doing precisely what Druggy wound up doing: paying nothing.

Druggy seems to believe that anything he did to launder money automatically meant that it was right.  All money.  From all sources.  As the AG pointed out:
The CCRCC did not send any payment to the State on September 1, 2018 or on December 1, 2018. Further, the "accountings" sent in apparent attempt to justify not making these required payments were untimely and deficient on their face. These "accountings" improperly contain deductions for expenses that were not "incurred in collecting donations" made after June 1, 2018. Rather, it appears the CCRCC is deducting unrelated expenses, including, but not limited to for the following activities: GOTV, rent, meetings, office, internet, and consulting. The accountings also improperly include expenses for donations collected before June 1, 2018. I last attempted to contact you on December 3, 2018 .to address these accounting errors. You did not respond to me.
"....untimely and deficient on their face."

An apt description of Druggy himself.

Druggy would tell us the AG's interpretation is all wrong.  He offers absolutely nothing to prove that, so we're left with the choice between taking HIS word for it (And let's face it, you really don't find "truth" and Druggy cohabitating in the same space at the same time, do you?) and that of this lawyer out of the AG's shop.

Gee.  That's a toughie.

The LEAST important element of this is Gellatly's take.  As usual, he is wrong.  Whether he actually believes this garbage or not, we're left with making the choice between a Deputy Attorney General who enforces the law, and an admitted drug user who has a history of breaking the law.


Seems to be something of a family trait.

And, as always, in his self-delusion, he did everything right and everyone else is wrong.

In the spirit of his level of confidence of his series of lies/self-serving analysis, I'm sure he would be willing to use the same monied benefactors who paid for his law suit against a PCO to pay his legal fees as he bets the entirety of this horrific result of his typical incompetence on himself.

That's right, Davey: put up or shut up.

You blew it.  Your provide nothing to support your position legally.  And "legally" is all that matters.

You are responsible, for example, for blowing off $1200 of Party money on Jesser's fake Republican outfit.

$1200 that SHOULD have went to towards the fine.  $1200 that puts the lies to everything you wrote.

I hope you, personally, are held in criminal contempt for your attempt to defraud the AG's Office/Court out of this money.

There is no excuse.  There is no lie you can tell.  There is no way for YOU to blame ANYONE else for this horrific outcome.

You and those who enabled you bear the entirety of all of this.  You and they should make this up.  And you and the PCO's who hate anyone to the right of Mao should hold your own fund-raiser and pick up the tab for your insanity.

And all of you need to be held accountable.

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