Monday, May 14, 2018

As expected, the Gellatly Cult stands by their man.

One has to wonder: what, exactly, would it take?

RINO control of the local GOP has resulted in more incompetence and division here locally than the election of Barack Obama and Jay Inslee combined.

Many are the cause of it.  But only one... the chair... is responsible for it.

ALL of the local elected Republicans, save Rep. Liz Pike, continue to maintain their silence in the face of the evidence that the chair is a thug with a criminal record who has been using the hardest of drugs on a frequent basis WHILE Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party.

The revelations about his extensive low-level criminal record of theft, ignoring court orders, warrants, DUI's and the like?


His record of threats, lies, exaggerations and personal attacks against those who question his judgment?

Zero accountability.

And NOW, confirmation of what seems to be some fairly hard drug use?

Oh, poor thing!  It's a personal problem.

His incompetent handling of the organization; from the past disaster of a Lincoln Day Dinner over Tommy Cleavage, to blowing off court hearings to blaming everyone for everything wrong that HE has done... and IS doing... has made no difference in the visible support of worker bees.  He takes zero responsibility for anything negative, and tries to take credit for the rest.

He knows nothing about leadership, nothing about organizational management, nothing about responsibility.... pretty much nothing about anything relevant to the GOP... including the job of the local GOP organization, which is to campaign against DEMOCRATS, and not to sue their own precinct committee officers.

On balance, his list of accomplishments is zero.  His list of disasters would fill pages, depending on the font.

Theft, drugs, threats, personal attacks... none of that means anything to his followers.

Why is that?

Why are local elected so-called Republicans silent on this issue?

Why are Gellatly apologists so bent on silencing his opposition?

Why is it that they want to stop people from speaking out about him more than they want to speak out against democrats?

Who knows?  All of this is inexplicable.

And when the local GOP gets clobbered this election... who are they going to blame for that?

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