Monday, April 16, 2018

The biggest problem the left has in the midterms.

There's a great deal of strum and drang amongst the left in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Ask any of them.  They'll tell you the GOP is going to get slaughtered.  There's a "blue wave" coming they'll say.


I'm not so sure.

These are the same people who told us that Hillary was going to slaughter the Donald.

You remember, don't you?  Leftist hacks... and, for that matter, a great many #NeverTrump hacks on the right told us the same thing.  They were giddy at the prospect then... just like they're giddy now.

Well, the GOP'ers at the most risk now are RINOs.  For example, I will vote for anyone not named Jaime Herrera in the upcoming general election.

Whoever that person may be will get my vote because Herrera has proven herself to be less than worthless.

NO ONE should be slavishly devoted to a party label when the person shilling it fails to live up to the tenets of that party, either by record or campaign.

Still, there's a wide variety of problems the self-delusional left has to overcome.

The number one problem they have is that people will vote their wallets.  We have the lowest unemployment this country has seen in decades and the highest minority employment we've ever seen.

Some other leftist once babbled, "It's the economy, stupid."  And indeed it is.

The tax cut leftists already claim they'd get rid of (fat chance) has put more money in people's pockets.

The media, of course, has been in full-on attack mode since the year before the election.  The record-low unemployment rates are another problem for the left.

Think in terms of the local Daily Democrat and David Madore.

Every effort is being made to get the unwashed masses to ignore all that, of course: like the local rag and Madore, every possible tact is being taken to denigrate and belittle the President.  It is, you see, a matter of the overarching leftist butthurt, post election.

In order to win this election, the left... which isn't in any particular great shape itself in this state... are going to have to change their messaging.

The leftists running in the 18th District for example... and the 3rd Congressional... will stick to the same time-worn socialist, tax the rich, pay a fortune more in taxes and fuel crap they always shill.

In a county where the local economy is hitting the stratosphere, will that neo-communist pap get them anywhere?

On the other hand, the base of the GOP is disheartened and increasingly disinterested.  Congress and the President just got done crafting a budget that added a trillion dollars to the deficit.  The RINO infestation of elected officials we have to contend with eliminates any GOP voter enthusiasm.  The scum running the local GOP have spent a hundred times more effort to crush conservatives than they have to mangle the democrats... which is what makes local GOP leadership so incredibly pathetic and worthless.

Well, that and a chairman nicknamed "Theft 3" for all the times he's been arrested for it.

As it is now, many of these races are probably in the toss-up category.  Nothing spells self-immolation like the over $6 billion in property tax, gas tax and tab fees the state GOP Senate has rammed down our throats.

Still... the left has it much worse than they and the media would like you to believe.  Nevertheless, if the GOP can find a way to screw it up?

They will.

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