Monday, February 26, 2018

The lie of the "Big Tent."

As their own worst enemy, the democrats are hard to beat.

We have a similar attitude among the local clowns running the GOP, who so far have yet to make their leftist bent result in a single election victory... of anyone.

The "Big Tent" label is an obvious lie, of course... and it's a dandy explanation as to why the left has such a difficulty in making inroads into GOP bastions. 

They're a group of political piranha, cheerfully willing to politically slaughter anyone that doesn't toe their line, even those that have been elected.

Here, the leftists are known for their obviously fake claim that THEY are the party of the so-called "Big Tent," a label which falsely infers that multiple perspectives are welcome.  Pro life?  Forget it.  Not so sure about the self-mutilation resulting in fake women or men?  Don't support open borders?  Don't support keeping criminal illegal aliens in this country?  Pro tax cut, anti-union, pro-accountability?  Oppose the cancer of Obamacare or so-called "sanctuary cities?  Locally, oppose the CRC/Loot Rail scam, a state income tax, Inslee's gas tax scam?
What are chances that such a democrat would get party support?

Roughly the same as a that of a conservative getting local GOP support: none at all.

For example, his own party has abandoned Congressman Dan Lipinski, a conservative democrat from Chicago of all places and endorsed his fringe-left opponent.

Anti-abortion Democrat snubbed by party for reelection

The party's campaign arm has declined to endorse Rep. Dan Lipinski, one of the most conservative Democrats, who faces a challenge from the left.

This article is merely an acknowledgement of what we've all known for years... the disease that has taken over the democrat's party... and infests the GOP... is obvious by the outcomes we see.

And anyone politically involved around here for more than 10 minutes is well aware of the saga of Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-Shelton) He's a guy the state Dems have spent tens of thousands of dollars to not only keep from getting elected, but to get him unelected as well. 

There are others punished by the Dems... some here locally... for failing to support the entirety of every element of what the modern, fringe-left democrat party has turned into, but you get the drift.

As the left lurches further in that direction, they abandon centrists and if you're a conservative you can surely expect the Tim Sheldon treatment as they attempt to ram downtown Seattle-variety leftists down the throats of even the most rural areas.

Not unlike, come to think of it, the RINOs who vote like liberal democrats are attempting to do the same in the 18th with sock-puppet Larry Hoff.

At this point, any Establishment type fake Republican that bothered to read this is scratching their heads and exclaiming.... "but you're no different! You're being a hypocrite!"

Am I?

Are Republicans supposed to vote like they're democrats?  The GOP is SUPPOSED to be known as the part of smaller, more efficient government.  LOWER taxes.  LESS regulation. 

Are they supposed to lie to get elected like, most famously, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers lied about her opposition to gas tax and tab fee increases?

Are they supposed to be conducting negotiations with democrats for $5.5 billion increases in state budgets with zero accountability or performance standards, while being hired by a democrat campaign firm?

Tim Sheldon is a Wharton School of Business graduate with a UDub MBA and, therefore, likely the smartest guy in the room.  He has proven that as a both a state senator and county commissioner (and he is both) he can handle himself.  And he's far more conservative than the 4 fake Republicans running this county, party label notwithstanding.

The fake Republicans infesting us at every level are... and have been... all about bigger, much more expensive government, billions of dollars in increased taxes with zero accountability... and all without asking us.

Is the party endorsement all that important? 

We're going to have a golden opportunity to find out this election.

Not only in Lipinski's race, but Diane Feinstein has run into a problem, since the uber-fringe-left democrats in California have dumped her as well.

Here locally, the leftists are in a fist fight to lose to Rep. Vicki Kraft, between Army/Marine veteran James Tolson, who has been running against Kraft for several months, and latecomer Tanisha Harris, who nearly beat John Blom (D-Realtors) who was saved by a quarter million from the state Realtors who own him like the 13th Amendment was really the 13th Suggestion.

Tolson has shown himself to be politically a bit to the left of Lenin and sadly, his campaign seems to have become a series of fringe-left memes.  Harris has been endorsed by most establishment leftists much like Rivers' sockpuppet (Hoff) has been endorsed by most area RINOs.

For example, the local dems don't even mention Tolson as a candidate on their "candidate links" page, because, well, I guess that Tolson running for several months hasn't given them time to list him... or something.  Harris, as you might expect, IS listed.

Isn't it odd that the left is fielding so few candidates here locally?  But then, when so many in office are fake Republicans voting likes democrats, why bother?

It's much like Davey Delete failing to mention that a Republican candidate is needed to run against my moron brother-in-law for county chair.  But then, Republican candidates are needed to run against every RINO in office, so I suppose none of this is terribly surprising.

A lack of a message can be just as much a message as a sign... a 4X8 sign.

Right, Davey?

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