Monday, February 26, 2018

More failure on the part of the local GOP?

Well, March is just around the corner and the political incompetents continue to show their inability to do their jobs.

Here, from the GOP's own candidate list, is the current situation involving the number of races where GOP candidates are needed... but have not surfaced.  (Please ignore Davey Delete's obvious screw-ups on this list.  When you shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, it's not surprising that you can't handle a simple web page that a 4th grader could keep accurate.)
We have 277 Precincts in Clark County; If your precinct does not currently have a PCO, the County Chairman may appoint you to fill the seat. If you are interested in being a precinct committee officer, please email:
If you're not a rabid Davey Delete supporter, don't even bother asking. 
* Vancouver City Council, Position No.1: Vacant
Yes, this seat was filled weeks ago.  No, Delete doesn't care enough to update the information.
* US Senator: Maria Cantwell - Democrat Incumbent 
  • (Pending Republican Announcement)
* LD49 WA State Representative Pos 2: M. Stonier - Democrat Incumbent 
  • (R Candidate Needed)
* LD49 WA State Representative Pos 1: S. Wiley Democrat Incumbent
  • (Pending Republican Announcement)
* Clark County Treasurer: Doug Lasher - Democrat Incumbent 
  • (Pending Republican Announcement)
Davey finally figured out that Lasher, who's been the Treasurer since the dawn of time, was a democrat.
Clark County Council Chair: Marc Boldt (Incumbent I)
Odd that Davey doesn't seem to want a Republican to run against Boldt.  Why is that, exactly?  And no, county chair is NOT a "non-partisan" race.  Folks should be hammering Insane Clown over this one.
Clark County Utility District, Comissioner, District No. 1: Jim Malinowski, Nonpartisan 
Meh.  Non-partisan races are just that. Commissioner is spelled with TWO m's.
Several Nonpartisan District Court and Sumpreme[sic] Court Positions as well. Will list if endorsements are made.
Only ONE "m" in Supreme, dillwad.

But, there you have it.  The 49th is getting a pass... Not that this GOP could ever win there... the leftist county chair is getting a pass because that moron Crain would vapor-lock if the GOP ran against Boldt and she's carrying Davey's water like Gunga Din.

The party mechanism is as shattered as Davey's spelling... and the RINOs wouldn't want it any other way.

His idiotic lawsuit apparently continues... and he's spent much more time... geometrically more time... attacking those smart enough to oppose him in his own party than he has working to get candidates to run against democrats.

But then, we all knew that was going to happen.... didn't we?

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