Friday, February 09, 2018

Thanks to the two lying state senators from the 18th and 17th, my property taxes went up almost $900

Was it that long ago when the Senator from the 18th, fake Republican Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) (best known (up to now) for raping us on the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state's history) and the Senator from the 17th, fake Republican Lynda "SURE you're going to have lower property taxes" Wilson (D-Tracy) stood up in front of the Clark County GOP PCOs and guaranteed us lower property taxes?

Note that at 5:36 in this video, Wilson says, and I quote: "I just want you to know that every one in Clark County will be receiving a property tax that's going down."

 Well, I just now found out that doesn't seem to exactly be true... as I've been saying all along.

Now, if you want to see how badly Rivers and Wilson screwed you, then click on this link and put in your address... and then click the "taxes" tab.  But I warn you: be prepared for a massive shock.

Now, I really don't know for certain if Wilson and Rivers were just flat out lying to us... or if they simply didn't know.

Either way, they've once again proven themselves unfit for office and they really, really should resign.

Because once again, those allegedly "representing us?"

Have cost us unnecessary billions.

But I have been warning people about this for months.  And as a result, I am a "no" on EVERY tax increase, bond, levy or anything else put in front of me to vote on.

Screw these people.

The exact way they screwed us.

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