Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Reminder to Sen Lynda Wilson (D-17) You want lower property taxes after you helped make them explode?

Most every day, in most every way, those we were stupid enough to elect to office frequently return the favor by concluding that we're clueless idiots and then proceed to vote that way... all while telling us something completely different.

This blog has been warning anyone who's read it for the past several months that ALL of us in Clark County, including ALL of us in the 18th and 17th Legislative Districts, are facing MASSIVE property tax increases.

The prime driver of that is, of course, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) who was in charge of negotiating this massive rip off... and her sidekick, one Sen. Lynda Wilson (D-Tracy) who voted for this insanity to allow the Supreme Court and their leftist sidekicks, the WEA to bend us over and nail our wallets from behind as a result of the McCleary decision that the Legislature SHOULD have ignored.

Just last summer, Wilson and Rivers were up in front of the Clark County GOP PCOs, lying their political asses OFF, including Wilson who GUARANTEED us a "lower property tax statement."

The moment she babbled that, I knew she was lying.  I have addressed that here repeatedly and backed up my claims with the chart from the Office of Program Research the Legislature uses to both write legislation AND to get finance notes on the costs of their bad-idea-fairy fantasies.


Every one.

Without exception.

I warned people.  Peter VanNortwick, the county assessor, warned people.  And when the increases hit?

They hit like a sledgehammer.

So, what do we see now?

Wilson, having been run over by a constituent truck for being a liar, NOW tells us this:


Let me get this straight.

One of the liars BEHIND our property tax explosion is NOW "advocating for lower property taxes?"

How the hell does THAT work?

Perhaps she SHOULD have been advocating for them when it MATTERED.

And let's remember, like every other legislator in SW Washington except for Rep. Vicki Kraft, Wilson ALSO voted to end any transparency for legislators under the Public Records Act that We, The People, voted into place!

The Legislature's failure to stand up to state Supreme Court tyranny and then their decision to screw us sideways because of their lack of guts, should be a HUGE election issue.

Those who voted for this insanity, shouldn't even be allowed to VISIT the state capitol, let alone be elected to work there.

You CANNOT, on one hand, have voted for the budget that screwed us and hurt us by causing our property taxes to explode... and then go around claiming that you're "advocating for lower property taxes" when you, in large part, ARE WHY THEY ARE SO HIGH TO BEGIN WITH!

My guess is that every RINO who voted to hurt us this way has some version of Wilson's "The Voters Are Stupid Act" going on right now.

They need to be held accountable.  They need to understand that there is no excuse for this idiocy.

And they all need to be voted out of office... and the lapdogs they want to bring in (Hoff) need to be kicked to the curb.

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