Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yet another reason to stay out of the Vancouver Soviet.

Thanks to the GOP-controlled state senate, local municipalities can feel free to tax vehicle owners into oblivion, and do so at a whim.

Take the Vancouver Soviet, for example.

I have yet to see a tax those scum didn't like: threatening a head tax if business didn't support an increase in tab fees and then, having blackmailed the local business community, smacking them with a head tax anyway.

Beginning next June, if you're unfortunate enough to live in the Cesspool of Vancouver, part of the cost for your idiocy will be the privilege of paying an extra $40 per year to put tabs on your vehicles.

Talk about throwing money down a black hole.

Look, I have no problem with a tax or fee increase under one tiny condition: that those demanding more of the sweat off of our brows ASK us.

Conveniently missing from this, yet another ability for government to screw us (thanks, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers!)  was the requirement that these scum ASK us before these increases are implemented.

Even the daily democrat found it hard to overlook:
With little fanfare, the Vancouver Transportation Benefit District Board unanimously approved a $20 license tab fee increase Monday evening. The city council serves as the Transportation Benefit District Board to control vehicle fee revenues.
Like anyone is surprised.

Of COURSE there was "little fanfare."  Still stinging from the idiocy of their CRC scam debacle, they wouldn't want the opposition to such a stupid move to get time to organize, would they?

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, who has governed over massive tax and fee increases and development on his watch, babbled thusly:
“Everyone needs to pay their fair share,” said Mayor Tim Leavitt. “If you’re working in our community, living in our community, you need to pay to keep our roads in fair shape.”
There's nothing "fair" about this, yet another rip off by the Vancouver Soviet.  It might have been "fair" had these slime ASKED to increase this tax.  But God-forbid that the people are EVER given the chance to say "no."  We can't have THAT, can we?

"Fair" has nothing to do with leftists scamming ever more money from our wallets.  They're insatiable, as leftists, socialists and neo-communists typically are.

As motorists, we pay hundreds of dollars in gas taxes every year.  As a government, is it the people's fault that The Liar would rather have wasted 10's of millions of dollars on unneeded and unaffordable new buses and funky bus stops so he could waste a million point five on each bus that now rides empty most of the time instead of making sure roads were fixed?

We're paying our "fair-share."   The problem is the amateur, clueless, typically drunk idiots show a level of incompetence rarely seen in the private sector in their handling of the money they DO get.

Well, Vancouver, you have the government you deserve.  In this case, the city council who just got done screwing you resembles a Taliban group more than a responsive, governing group that listens to, or even remotely give a damn about, what they people they would govern actually want.

And the leftist commenting under the article are, as expected, taking the "no big deal" approach.  One of the more ignorant babbles "It’s a 1x fee not 12. $1.60 a month."

You know... as if these various increases in taxes and fees don't build up in our wallets with the same cumulative effects as lead poisoning in our blood streams.

Over the past couple of years, thanks to the RINO-run state senate, we've seen massive gas tax and tab fee increases, increases in costs for citizens to have a driver's license, we're going to be HAMMERED with a massive property tax increase next calendar year, and now, the local cities are screwing the people sideways with their locally imposed tab fees on top of that.

And now, those wanting to bring the CRC/Loot Rail scam back to life want to add thousands to the cost of owning a vehicle if you have to commute... all to waste billions replacing a bridge that does not need to be replaced.

Who was it who once said "...a billion here and a billion there... pretty soon, we're talking real money?"

This is becoming a great time to move out of Vancouver... and out of Clark County.  The Cowlitz side of rural, outside the GMA boundary Woodland is looking better all the time.

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