Saturday, December 30, 2017

Why Larry Hoff shouldn't be elected, Chapter 12

In addition to Hoff's total political inexperience and lack of involvement (I've been politically involved in this area generally for 29 years generally and the 18th District, my district, specifically for the last 14 years... and I've never heard of nor seen this guy until now) and the obvious RINO support from those such as Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) and Sen. Lynda "The Liar" Wilson (D-Tracy) who despise conservatives so much the Wilsons have dropped $2000 in on a guy who, to date, lacks the guts... or the knowledge... or simply the ability... to articulate any positions on anything, nor any ability to explain where, for example, he would have voted any differently than Gas Tax Rivers over the past 3 idiotic sessions she's been screwing us...

Or, he simply hasn't been told what... if anything... to write down AS his "issues.

I have, for example, REPEATEDLY asked him to articulate where... and how... he would have voted differently than Gas Tax Rivers.

To date, he refuses to even acknowledge me, let alone answer me.

We come to find out that major democrat funder David Nierenberg is writing checks and has, to date, dropped a paltry $4000 more on this clown.

Nierenberg was a the force behind the Madore Hate PAC last cycle that leftists and RINOs joined together to oppose conservative David Madore.

Let's take a look at those who've been getting cash from this leftist, shall we?

Jack Burkman, Washington State Democrats, Tim Probst, Brent Boger, Arch Miller, James McIntire, Sam Reed, Planned Parenthood, Democrat front group "Stand for Children" ($10,000), Julie Olson, Deb Wallace, Jim Jacks, Christine Gregoire, Paul Harris, Monica Stonier, Jimmy Moeller, Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, Clark County Democrats, Mainstream Republicans, Craig Pridemore, John Blom, Jay Inslee, Joe Tanner, Yes on I-1000 (Death With Dignity), Lynda Wilson, Pam Brokaw, Kathy Gillespie, Jay Inslee, Marc Boldt... and now, Larry Hoff.

So what David does is finance those who do things TO us... instead of FOR us.

And this, of course, is no exception.  It's also another in the growing list of reasons to vote for anyone not named Hoff.

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