Saturday, December 02, 2017

One question, Sports Illustrated: How do I cancel my subscription?

Like a fake female named Bruce Jenner getting a "Woman of the Year" award, Sports Illustrated, apparently as infested by leftist bigots as ESPN, has given Colin Kaeperpick some sort of award for being a racist idiot.

If this award is for dividing a nation, then he deserves it.

If it's an award for actions resulting in the NFL losing billions, then he deserves it.

If it's an award for emptying stadiums, then he deserves it.

If it's an award for slaughtering NFL TV ratings, then he deserves it.

If it's an award for being a crybaby punk, then yeah, Kaeperpick is your guy.

Colin Kaeperpick has proven himself to be a cancer on professional football's posterior that has accomplished nothing positive as these overpaid slime protest in a way that results in nothing positive and a great deal negative.

He and his fellow morons complain about... what, exactly?

Meanwhile, these overpaid, multi-millionaire prima donnas remain silent about the ongoing black-on-black slaughter of the Chicago killing fields for example, while they're, in many cases, adding to the problems in terms of fathering children that they subsequently abandon to the "care" of others like so many in that community... where gang-related slaughter is one of the major results.

Socially, these ineffectual effetes make as much sense with their insult of a protest as the 3rd class passengers on the Titanic complaining about the china patterns on their dishes after that ship bumped into an iceberg.

They've accomplished nothing positive.  They have no plan except to complain.  They insult millions of Americans every time they engage in this childish crap and for that, SI gives Kaeperpick an award?

Is it any wonder no team wants this radioactive lightning rod anywhere near their playing fields?

So, one question, Sports Illustrated: how do I cancel my subscription?

And rest assured, I am never, ever going to get another.

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Pete Masterson said...

Easiest way to cancel a subscription: Make a copy (scan, photocopy, or just peel off the label) of the address label including all the numbers that (generally) appear above your name and address.

Send the label to the "subscription service" address (usually found in the "masthead" information adjacent to the magazine contents) with the request "please cancel my subscription."

The magazine is (supposed) to send you a refund any "unused" portion of a pre-paid subscription, though it might not amount to much depending on how the prepayment is allocated to the sent issues.

You may, if you wish, also send a letter to the editor giving the reasons you wish to have your subscription cancelled ... though requesting a cancellation via the letters to the editor may or may not get the cancellation implemented quickly.

Note: I have cancelled many subscriptions (and let others expire) to theoretically "non political" publications that showed a total lack of sensitivity toward readers who may not agree with certain widely held opinions among the left. For example, in an article about fish in the South Pacific, Smithsonian magazine had an egregious (and pointless) remark about the "lack of intelligence" on the part of President George W. Bush (#43). The remark came as a surprise, since there was nothing in the article that was critical of U.S. Policy or actions by the Bush administration. It was just suddenly "there" in passing. It should have been excised by any half-way decent editor (as being irrelevant to the content of the article). This was 15 years ago. I haven't subscribed to the Smithsonian Magazine since nor am I likely to ever again.