Tuesday, December 26, 2017

OK, Ladies, explain it to me. Tell me again why any of you can support David Gellatley

Of the more insane, idiotic things I've seen this year is the support by women of a guy with an extensive record, including TWO DUI's, a proven incompetent ego maniac who pisses on the rules whenever he feels like it and who, at base, treats women like crap.

A proven liar, a punk who threatens, so far with impunity; a complete moron that makes the party look like a joke by suing a PCO for an opinion expressed in a private email to a board member...

A total moron who publicly condemns and threatens me now... but had no problem trashing Carolyn "Fake Republican" Crain to me a brief few months ago...

A clown who single-handedly trashed the Lincoln Day Dinner who, while spending a fortune on Tomi Cleavage, a 24 year-old pro-choice kid made practically nothing from the largest fund raiser the party holds, lying about it before, during and after the fact.

In fact, here's a little more evidence from Gellatly's MySpace page (Who knew?)

Clearly, to the narcissistic-soaked brain of this moron, women only have one function.  All those pictures where he sees himself as God's Gift.

Married, at that.

In this era of Al Franken and Harvey Weinstein... why is this OK?  Why don't women care?  Why do you put up with it?

Are you people BLIND?  This hormonally driven juvenile shouldn't run an elevator, let alone a political organization of this size... and in fact, the outcomes show that he CAN'T run it anywhere, except into the ground.

Who can forget this articulate defense of Davy Gellatly by a friend of his, that HE brought in the defend him when he was getting clobbered publicly... one Adrian Kallimanis... bon vivant and strip club operator.

Screen capture of one of Gellatly's winged monkeys coming in to trash Davey's opposition.

Here's a few more from the photo album...

From where Davey's buddy Adrian works.  Nice that he's taking care of the paying customers...

Help me with this.

WHY is this OK?

I know none of you have the guts to answer, being RINO cowards and all (Notice that RINOs as a group not only lack integrity (They lie... a lot) but they also lack courage?)

Its a common trait.  You can smell it.

Here's the reality.  You fakes would come unglued if a conservative acted like this or even had this kind of a record.  You would lose your collective minds.  You know it.  I know it.  We all know it.

But you give this moron... and you all know, politically, he IS a moron... a complete pass.

No hypocrisy there, right?

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