Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Gellatly answers the question: If my Blog is so bad, then why did he use it to trash Crain?

He's out there still, beating the hell out of me and my little blog... the one that nobody reads... but everybody talks about.

Davey Gellatly appears to be a tad upset at what I wrote about him below.  So, he swings by a Facebook Group I'm on, "Opinions of South West Washington."

He trashes me and everything about me.  He shows his typical level of hypocrisy attacking MER, but holding himself out as if he's God's Gift and bears absolutely NO guilt over anything he alleges about me.

So, I ask what I always ask:

If my blog is such a piece of trash, then why did you, Davey, use it to trash Carolyn Crain?

(Another mystery is why Crain is so gullible she BELIEVES Gellatly's "explanation,")

Gellatly, NOT being he brightest bulb on the tree actually responded.  And his response?

Well, that hit a new height of stupidity, even for a clueless moron like him.

There ya go.  First, he admits he trashed Crain to me, then admits it's because he "didn't know me."

In Davey's own words, he felt fine trashing Carolyn Crain to a blogger that he claims he did not know.

Sheer, unadulterated genius.

Make sense to you?

Make sense to Carolyn?

How blind is her eye to the REAL Gellatly going to be now?

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