Friday, December 22, 2017

Another in the series of reasons why Larry Hoff shouldn't be elected dog catcher.

Look, I knew it was likely that for Hoff to line up the RINO support that's coalesced around him, Hoff would have to be Rivers' bitch.

What he fails to understand in the RINOs massive arrogance is that each of those who've "endorsed" him stands as a reason to oppose him.

This is Rivers' doing.  Both Rivers and Hoff know that on the issues, he's flat, dead, wrong for the 18th District.

And so is she.

Ask yourself: as far back as when Rivers first ran in the 2010 primary, is there ANY chance she would have been elected in the 18th had she came out and said, during that primary, that she was going to fight for THE largest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state's history?

And how far would she have gotten had she came out and told us first, that she was going to bend us over for $5.5 billion... with the subsequent massive increases in the state portion of our property taxes... to the WEA who apparently owns this former teacher, Rivers, like the 13th Amendment freeing the slaves was never passed.... and then second, lied about it... as Rivers as lied about it... claiming that our property taxes were actually going to go LOWER?

Earlier, I simply couldn't believe my eyes when Rivers came out with her latest lie in the Reflector story on her upcoming town hall propaganda fests and the paper quoted her press release thusly:
To me a big part of being a citizen legislator is knowing what is on the hearts and minds of the people I represent, and carrying those questions and concerns to the state Capitol,” Rivers said in a news release.
Yeah.  And then ignoring those "questions and concerns" when those who own her demand it.

Go to Hoff's web page, and look for issues.

You won't find any.  Lacking issues means that we should just support this clown because the local RINO gaggle says so?  Why?

If this idiot won't respond to me as a prospective constituent and he has no issues... then why is he even running?

To prove the point, I have tried various ways to contact Hoff.  And he's ignored them all.  I've asked him various questions to at least make an attempt to figure out if there's ANYTHING that Rivers has done that he, Hoff, would oppose.

I have been asking him, repeatedly, to respond to me publicly on his facebook page.  I've been making that ask for weeks.

He has yet to do so.  And moments ago, it became clear he won't answer, because INSTEAD of answering, this political coward just deleted my questions.

Of course, my questions point out the idiocy of his positions and that may have something to do with it... but nevertheless, I am a prospective constituent and he has a duty to respond to me, even if it makes him look like an idiot.

Here are a couple of the questions I asked which are now gone:

As I pointed out, a few moments ago, literally, my questions were deleted instead of being addressed.

Thus Hoff shows the cowardice typical of the RINO ilk, and isn't fit to be elected to 3rd grade hall monitor, let alone state representative.

And this, of course, is BESIDES his bizarre position that he supports the thing the 18th District hates most: the unneeded, unaffordable and unwanted replacement of the I-5 Bridge to bring loot rail into Clark County like his puppet-master, Rivers, wants.

To that end, it seems he at least answered my CRC scam question by whining about the I-5 bridge below.

The guts he showed was to delete my questions... like that will make them go away.

There's little difference between him, Rivers, Annette Cleveland and Jimmy Moeller.

I'm thinking the people of the 18th will figure that out come next August around primary time.

So, by all means, Larry... keep ignoring those wise enough to disagree with you as you keep doing what you're told.

I can see it all now... Rivers to Hoff:

"Larry, you won't need to do a thing.  Just stand there and smile like a RINO manikin; don't say anything meaningful, don't talk policy, don't answer any constituent questions, don't make any campaign pledges (like that you'll oppose any gas tax or tab fee increases) and stay away from the issues.  We'll fool the people into making them THINK you have substance and you're not my puppet... even though we both know better... and we'll drag you over the finish line and get you elected."

Of course, the reality is that by failing to answer, he IS answering.  He's showing the lack of integrity that Rivers is known for.  But he's also COMPLETELY following her orders and he wouldn't DARE to oppose her... and that's the kind of puppet Rivers wanted when she went out and recruited Shane "15% sales tax on food" Bowman to run against Liz Pike last cycle.

I always thought that courage was a part of the position you're seeking.  Clearly, he doesn't have it.

And out local collection of RINO thugs wouldn't have it any other way.

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