Sunday, December 10, 2017

So, why didn't I attend Rivers' dog and pony show yesterday?

Simple: there was no point in it.

When you have a legislator co-opted by special interests, they're a bundle of excuses and "explanations" designed to placate their respective herds... or "constituents" as they like to call them.

I'm hearing that Rivers gets upset at people like me who attempt to hold her accountable for her actions... for her lies.

Like every other leftist, she equates voting against her constituents as "leadership."  Like any other arrogance, she views HER vision as superior to the mere mortals who were foolish enough to both believe in her... and then, stupidly, vote for her.

So, she excuses her rape of that trust by referring to it as "leadership."

The kind of "Leadership" that enslaved us to a $700 million gas tax/tab fee bill to enable King County to screw THEIR people even more... with their multi-billion dollar loot rail boondoggle.

The kind of "Leadership" that sold us out to the WEA for $5.5 BILLION and our subsequent exploding property taxes....  without condition one... without expectation one... without reform one.

The kind of "Leadership" incapable of admitting to a mistake.  The kind of "Leadership" that will cheerfully lie to your face... and then set about doing whatever her masters tell her to do.

I asked her about the insanity of lying to get elected.  Her lap dog, Brent Boger, taped the whole thing and then, since he's a RINO, he stupidly had fellow RINO Lew Waters post it on YouTube and then acted like *I*, as one of her constituents, was some sort of lowlife for asking the questions.

This is the Ann Rivers who promised, in writing, to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases to get elected to the Senate.

Rivers, typically arrogant and insulting towards me... the guy she had hired to KEEP her from becoming what, unfortunately, she chose to become: a complete democrat, leftist sellout, merely using the Republican label to get... and keep herself... elected.

Here is the video... It reeks with her lies and her arrogance.

It's not just lies and arrogance towards me. It's lies and arrogance towards us all.

So, yeah. I thought about going.

I thought about asking her why she had worked so hard for us... only to begin, the better part of 3 years ago, to betray us.

I thought about asking her why she... and her office... ignore my emails asking her about her efforts to screw us.

I thought about asking her to pay my property tax increases for the next several years... increases that she arranged... and then lied about.

I thought about asking what, exactly, it is that WE, the ones PAYING the bills... got out of her betrayal to the WEA, arranged after she was employed by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm WHILE she was "negotiating" with the democrats on the budget.

I thought about asking her to explain why the Senate caved to the Supreme Court, who has no right or ability to force the legislature to do anything.

I thought about asking her why she needed to lie, as the video above shows her lying, about her "no" vote on the gas tax equating to an increase from the $700 million this county has to pay to King County... to a $7 BILLION increase if she had voted "no." You know, like her campaign promises said she would?

I thought about asking her why she supported driver's licenses for illegal aliens, at ALL... let alone cheaper than those for citizens and those here legally.

And then... then I rewatched the video above.

And I concluded: "Why bother?"

Why put up with a Senator who is a proven liar?

Why put up with a Senator who expresses contempt towards me so noticeable that in the town hall meeting shortly before last session, was even remarked upon by others who I didn't even know?

Why bother to go to a meeting where that woman will stand up there and blame everyone and everything else for voting for what the overwhelming numbers of her constituents WANT her to vote against?

I had to laugh when Rivers was quoted in the Reflector a saying:
“To me a big part of being a citizen legislator is knowing what is on the hearts and minds of the people I represent, and carrying those questions and concerns to the state Capitol,” Rivers said in a news release.
What's on our hearts and minds was her representing US. What's on our "hearts and minds" was her keeping her word to oppose the gas tax and tab fee increases that she voted for, so hundreds of millions of OUR dollars can be spent to benefit Seattle. What's on our "hearts and minds" is that she CONTINUE to oppose the CRC/Loot Rail scam. What's on our "hearts and minds" is for Rivers to stop substituting HER judgments and sell outs to the special interests and the downtown mafia that own her like the 13th Amendment was never passed for those of the people she allegedly represents.
But anyone watching that video, so lovingly shot by a moron, can clearly see that Rivers would be completely nonresponsive. That she would again heap scorn on me or anyone else questioning her lack of judgment... her arrogance... he spite.

She believes herself incapable of doing any wrong. She will lie again... tax us even more in the future... and do it all while she's trying to make us think she's doing it for us.

Clearly, she is not. Because if she were, she would have kept her word.

If she were, she would have steadfastly expressed her outrage and condemnation of McCleary instead of cheerfully ceding the authority of the Legislature to a Court that far overstepped its boundaries... and this time, did so with the complicity of a Legislature generally and a REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED SENATE in particular instead of hammering her own District and this county with even MORE tax increases.

That is Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' version of "Leadership."

I wonder: if the people of the 18th District knew the depth of her betrayal... would it be OUR version of "Leadership?"

Something tells me it would not.

It's not that I don't care. If anything, I care too much about holding lying politicians with zero integrity accountable.

I have been attacked by every major RINO. Rivers and her lapdog Boger made a serious effort to get my clients to fire me. Rivers was particularly upset that I found out.

But find out I did. And THIS is the kind of Senator we have in the 18th Legislative District.

And that's why I didn't bother.

Simple, really.

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