Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The right is giddy about the latest announced investigation into the uranium deal... only one problem.

None of it matters.

Benghazi has been investigated for 4 years.

The IRS has been investigated because the leftists used them as a cudgel to hammer conservative groups at LEAST that long.

We've known about the pay offs and the bribes in the Clinton Foundation for at least that long.

Investigation after investigation.  Emails proving wrong-doing. Corruption after corruption.  Scam after scam.

The law has been broken, shattered, vaporized, abused, ignored... a clear portrait of how those in power at all levels seem to view the law the same way they view the truth: as a play thing to be trashed when and as necessary.

And what's happened from any of it?


Millions upon millions spent...  and what has been accomplished?

I want investigations.  But I want them to result in something.

These people are guilty  As hell.  Yet the Administration seems afraid of doing what should be done.

Its a measurable weakness.

It needs to stop.  Unless the Justice Department is willing to hold these people accountable... then what the hell is the point?

And if they WERE willing to do that... then why haven't they?  And if they won't... why bother?

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