Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The fruits, nuts, Jeff Flakes and the #NeverTrump types.

Among the #NeverTrump types, which certainly include the brain damaged (McCain) and the butthurt (Flake) there's a common thread.

It doesn't stop merely within that subset of the political species, however.  It extends all the way through the state politicos down to the local level.

It's the politics of animus.  It's the politics of hate.  It's the politics of arrogance.

Notice the coverage of the Twitter bitch-slapping session going on between the President and Nutsinflakes?  Or, for that matter, Bob Corker?

Coverage centers on the President "turning people into enemies."

Well, they were enemies before any of this started.

Falling under the broad heading of RINOs, these senators have been enemies of the people for years... why would they change now?  From the moment these people were co-opted until this very day, they fail in their primary duty.... their "paramount duty," which is, quite simply this: represent the people who elected you and do what's best for the country.

Flake is now counted among those who likely will screw the President's efforts to get tax reform through, much like that low-life McCain scuttled getting rid of Obamacare.  Corker's a maybe in that regard.

Are these people acting out of what's best for us?  Can McCain, for example, claim with a straight face that Obamacare is actually a great program for this Nation?  Can he claim that it hasn't damaged this country and millions of families while doing, effectively, nothing to resolve the issues confronting us?

Nope.  He can't.  So why did he vote with the democrats to kill the effort to get rid of it?  Was that a vote in the best interests of the people of this country?

Why are these people voting like they're democrats?

Because they're angry.  

They're mostly angry because President Trump is, well, President Trump.

If, for example, a President Jeb Bush were proposing these changes, does anyone believe that, for example, McCain and Flake wouldn't be carrying a President Bush's water like Gunga Din?

Here locally, what has our own fake caricature of a Congresswoman done?  How has she voted?  Did SHE vote to get rid of Obamacare?

Nope.  And make no mistake about it: had she not been a member of Congress, what does anyone reading this believe the chances would have been for her daughter, born without kidneys?

Herrera, too, is a #NeverTrumper.  That her district is likely to suffer for that during the Trump Administration is of no concern to her: she has repeatedly joined with our two fringe-left Senators to hammer the President as far back as when he was a candidate.

We see it at the legislative level with Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360).

Rivers screwed us and has lied to us about the results of her efforts to give the WEA and ADDITIONAL $13 billion over the Billions she's already arranged to give them, all while she... and Sen. Lynda "Tracy's Sockpuppet" Wilson have stood in front of us and lied... to our faces... over the impacts of their most recent budget sell out.

She's arranged for a primary challenger last cycle to run against Rep. Liz Pike in the guise of that political nutjob Shane Bowman (who, if memory serves, wanted to implement a state sales tax on food in the 15% area...) not because Pike wasn't doing anything wrong as a rep, but because she loudly opposed Rivers' pet gas tax increase... a tax increase Rivers had pledged to oppose in order to get the job of Senator to begin with.

We see it at the county level, where county council types have systemically disassembled most of the good work done by David Madore and Tom Mielke, not because it was what was best this county... but because it was implemented by Madore and Boldt is still butthurt over Madore defeating him when he ran for reelection back in 2012.

That factoid alone is why we're saddled with a neo-communist "charter" that rapes democracy in every imaginable way.

It wasn't brought forward to improve the voice of the people.  It was brought forward to mute that voice when they happen to vote a certain way.  And that way?

Anything to the right of Mao.

But all of that said, studying the current political tides and eddies shows this thread.  A thread of petulance.  A thread of hatred.  A thread of animus.  A thread of stomping on GOP principles to get back at someone...  the best interests of the people they allegedly represent be damned.

McCain can't last much longer.  Flake is gone, Corker is gone.  And when THEY screw us, the damage caused will impact the Senate... and not the President.

The reality here is that the RINO/leftist scorched-earth policy will not impact Mr. Trump one wit.

Do they risk losing the majorities of each House?  Yup.  Sure do.  But so what?

What good has the Majority been since they got the job?  Trillions in deficits, multiple failures to kill Obamacare, doing nothing while the military got weaker by the day, failing to act to end the military social programs that weaken us, our effectiveness and our deployability while costing additional wasted billions?  We've still got Obama phones, don't we?

RINO inaction and selling out is based on RINO hatred and corruption.  So, to the Flakes and McCains and Corkers?

Vote "no" like your democrat buddies want... and be damned.

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