Thursday, October 26, 2017

Even the Lazy C gets it: once again, Rivers and Wilson lied about cutting our property taxes:

As usual, the local yokels are way behind the news.

That said, this is the local take on the information contained in post of a few days ago.

As far as the teachers are concerned, it's never enough.  They're insatiable and this disaster won't appease them; it contained no accountability, no standards, no requirements for improved outcomes.  In fact, it's as if the WEA wrote the damned thing.

The Senate's failure to tell the Court to get bent is already haunting us.  The Court cannot legislate, nor can they order legislation, including this debacle.  But every attempt to satisfy these clowns in robes ceded more and more power to the court... and took more and more of it away from us.

Those who voted for this insanity are unfit to hold elective office, plain and simple.

The only action that SHOULD have taken place was a bi-partisan response to these morons telling drop dead and then defunding them completely.

Now, there will be no end to it.  These scum will merely wave the state constitution around and make demand after demand after demand on the Legislature, which now MUST do the bidding of the Court no matter WHAT the issue is... because they have no alternative having shown the cowardice necessary to set this precedent.

Well done, idiots.

Those who voted for this insanity:

Barkis (R)Caldier (R)Chandler (R)DeBolt (R)Dent (R)
Graves (R)Griffey (R)Haler (R)Harris (R)Klippert (R)
Kristiansen (R)MacEwen (R)Manweller (R)McDonald (R)Muri (R)
Nealey (R)Smith (R)Stambaugh (R)Stokesbary (R)Walsh,J (R)
Wilcox (R)Young (R)


Angel (R)Bailey (R)Baumgartner (R)Becker (R)Braun (R)
Brown (R)Ericksen (R)Fain (R)Fortunato (R)Hawkins (R)
Honeyford (R)King (R)Miloscia (R)O'Ban (R)Pearson (R)
Rivers (R)Rossi (R)Schoesler (R)Short (R)Walsh (R)
Warnick (R)Wilson (R)Zeiger (R)

No one claiming to be a Republican should have voted for this garbage.

No one.

It's such an embarrassment that, as shown earlier, both Rivers and Wilson had to lie to us about it.

Gotta wonder: why ever would they need to do that?

The Columbian October 24 at 4:17pmThe plan that was ultimately signed into law relies largely on an increase to the statewide property tax that starts next year. The tax increases from $1.89 to ...$2.70 per $1,000 of assessed value, with the increase earmarked for education. The plan — which keeps in place local property tax levies but caps them beginning in 2019 at a lower level— will ultimately raise property taxes for some districts and lower them in others. Under the plan, the minimum starting salary for teachers will increase, with adjustment for inflation and regional differences. 

Is it enough? State Supreme Court hears school funding case   OLYMPIA — Attorneys for the state of Washington told the state Supreme Court Tuesday they have complied with a court mandate to fully fund the state’s basic education system, calling recent legislation a “sea change,” but an attorney for the coalition behind the long running lawsuit disagreed and asked the court to force the Legislature to amend their most recent efforts.

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