Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The politics of moral ambivalence. Comey should have been fired at the start.

Around here recently, we've had our own pseudo moral ambivalence in the local political realm with the Gellatly Drama. but that pales in comparison to the firing of FBI Director Comey.

Comey has screwed it up.  For me, one of the more stunning pronouncements by the President was that Comey was not being fired as part of the Administration "New sheriff in town" broom.

That he should have been fired is obvious.  That he had mishandled (to put it politely) the Hillary email investigation from the getgo and then made a decision, not based on his law enforcement function, but instead, based on HIS definition of "prosecutorial discretion," i.e., "no prosecutor would prosecute" and "no criminal intent," which is not HIS job as a law enforcement officer was enough by itself.

Memo, Mr. Comey: you're the cop.   Prosecutorial discretion is, well, left up to prosecutors.

Now, naturally, the left is whining about this.  Never mind that last October, these same people sniveling now wanted Comey's head on a pike in the Rose Garden.

The media?  Well, they do what THEY can to help for the most part:

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And that's the thing, you see.

These same clowns whining now were howling then.

And those bitching the loudest have made so much noise for so long that they've now just become a part of the background noise.

Yeah, Comey has been fired.  Now, he can make millions by writing books or whatever.

But the reality is that of the President's mistakes (and yes, I supported him and voted for him) his failure to get rid of Comey at the start ranks among the highest.

This too, shall pass of course, but it's a distraction from the issues confronting us which are of a much greater importance: the Middle East, getting the Wall built, deporting illegal aliens, finishing the job of getting rid of Obamacare, tax reform and the like... all are shrinking because of a grateful media as this issue sucks all of the oxygen out of the room.

Thank you for your service, Mr. Comey.  Now don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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Pete Masterson said...

Having had a Federal security clearance, I can point out that the statutes which Mrs. Clinton clearly violated by use of her unsecured, private email server, do not require "intent." The mere fact (which is not in doubt in the least) that "secret" (and higher) classified materials were on her server is proof that she violated the law.

I know that had I been found in violation of the security laws (with respect to the clearance I had), in even a fraction of the level of Mrs. Clinton's situation, I'd have spent a good long stretch in a Federal prison. Of course, I followed the procedures and requirements so that I did not violate any security laws. Frankly, it was not difficult to follow the rules, as they're pretty clear.

I resent that Mrs. Clinton has not been indicted, tried, found guilty, and imprisoned -- similar to other high ranking officials who made much less serious errors.

Of course, the real outrage is that Mrs. Clinton was using her own private email server in an effort to keep her official correspondence out of the Federal Archives, as required of every government official... as then they'd be subject to FOIA requests and it might become known what questionable ethics Mrs. Clinton used in her work.