Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So, how badly is Rivers going to screw us THIS time?

Those paying attention are well aware of the multiple sellouts of the GOP-controlled state senate:

The state Dream Act scam, that allows illegal aliens to only pay in-state tuition, while making those same illegals eligible for state financial aid.

The GOP Senate did that.

The biggest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state's history to bail out King County's loot rail and floating bridge scams... costing Clark County citizens $700 million... while refusing to allow us to vote on it...

The GOP Senate... and the liar known as Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers... did that.

The scuttling of the bill that would have ended the state-wide stupidity of allowing boys/men to shower with girls/women in schools and other public facilities if they felt particularly "feminine" on any given day.

The GOP Senate did that.

Setting up a driver's license to protect our illegal aliens so citizens of this country actually have to pay MORE than an illegal?

The GOP Senate did that.

And now?

That same GOP Senate is going to cave to the state supreme court on the issue of school funding... as if that court had the ability to force the legislature to legislate the way they wanted an the phrase "co-equal branch" is a meaningless construct.

As of the last laughable town hall meeting in April, there were zero efforts under this scam to increase teacher or school accountability as a result of this massive waste of billions.

There was no answer to the question I asked: "after we waste these billions and they make ZERO difference in the horrific academic outcomes we have now, then what?  Do we get the money back?"

Rivers was acting out like a punk instead of an employee at that little meeting... which is, in fact, what she is.

We already know that Rivers will sell us out if the price is right: she's already done it on the gas tax/tab fee scam... where she pledged to vote against increasing both the tab fees AND the gas tax to get elected... until the time came... when she helped to screw each and every man, woman and child in this county by over $1500... each.

Does anyone doubt that she's going to do it again, using the same defense: that it was a "business decision?"

How many hundreds of millions is THIS rip off going to cost us?

What are we going to get for it except higher taxes to pay off an order by an out-of-control Court that uses this state's constitution as its own personal roll of toilet paper... an order the legislature SHOULD have ignored since there is precisely zero mechanism to enforce any such order, any more than there's a mechanism to enforce a legislative order to the Court to rule on a case in a way the Legislature likes.

And when she's done nailing us... what are we going to have to show for it except even more lies?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention KJ.