Thursday, May 25, 2017

Perhaps THE worst example of Columbian hypocrisy EVER

With a history of lies, distortions and exaggerations that goes back decades, it's difficult to point out THE most egregious example of Columbian (hereinafter, "democratian") hypocrisy but this idiocy has to be one of them, if not the top one:

In Our View: Boundaries by Bipartisanship

Gerrymandering an affront to democracy; historically fair state should lead way


Let me tell you a little story that shows the democratian is THRILLED about "gerrymandering" when it suits them.

As you likely know, we have a CTran taxing district.  That, in and of itself, isn't unusual.  But how it was developed?

Gerrymandering at its finest.

We'd had a few CTran tax increase votes that didn't go particularly well.

SO... what did CTran do?

They sat down with a precinct map and cut out almost every precinct that had voted no on their tax scam that has led them to wasting tens of millions on Bus Rapid Transit that we don't need and can't afford.

And this is the end result:

This, for the most part, is a map of Clark County.

The blue green area is, essentially, the taxing district.

If you were to compare THIS map with a map of the "no" precincts, it would be easy to see which precincts were cut out of the map.

Please note the actual, street-wide green lines.

That's right; miles of this district are actually nothing more than a street.

And the precincts next to these streets... streets to Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Woodland and Yacolt?

Gone.  Because THEY vote "no."

What was included IN this map was about every store or retail operation you can find in this county.

As many as 60,000 voters were excluded from having any say... but not from paying the tax... because our only choice is to drive to Cowlitz to avoid it.

Yhis is a CLASSIC case of the same thing the people running the Democratian just condemned a few days ago with this column.

It is a obvious case of "an affront to democracy."

But if you're a leftist, and "affronts to democracy" further YOUR agenda.... why, then, they're just swell.

Hypocrisy at its finest... and no comment from the democratian over why gerrymandering elsewhere is "bad, bad," but here, somehow, they rabidly support it when it fits their meme... making it "good, good."

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