Wednesday, May 31, 2017

No Al, it isn't. (Bauer's lie about legislative representation.)

The people of this county have made it clear: we do not want an I-5 bridge replacement generally, and before additional crossings... both east of I-205 and west of the I-5 bridge, are actually built.

Anyone paying even scant attention to the rip off of the CRC and the downtown mafia's scam to get loot rail into Vancouver is well aware of that.

With equal clarity, the fake Republicans who were previously opposed to this scam... Rivers, Vick, Wilson and Harris, have somehow been co-opted to change their position on this extortion that will separate the hard working commuting public of this county from $100,000,000 per year to begin with in tolls... all to bring the crime train/loot rail rip off here to Clark County.

in a recent editorial, Former Sen. Al Bauer was asked about the fact that the people of this county do not want this rip off... and how can those in representative government actually ignore them and move ahead with it?
“A lot of people understand the appropriate processes for a legislator who gets elected to make the appropriate decisions for his community,” Bauer continued. “Even though there’s a large crowd shouting against it, the good legislator is a statesman who steps up and takes the heat because — and this is hard to say — he knows more about the facts and the intricacies of this issue than those who are criticizing it.” 
That is, indeed, hard to say. But Bauer has some foundation for insight; he was a state representative from 1971 to ’81, and then spent 20 years as a state senator. The fact is that casting a vote that impacts the lives of people is more difficult and requires more thought than being an armchair quarterback — and everybody with a keyboard and an Internet connection these days thinks they are the Tom Brady of armchair quarterbacks. 
“This is what’s wrong with Congress and what’s wrong with government today — legislators look at the next election,” Bauer said. “That’s not always the right thing to do. That’s where the crux of the matter is — if you can’t show some leadership with maybe the idea that you have some special knowledge.”
"Showing leadership" is, of course, dem-speak for the GOP ignoring their constituents and doing what the democrats want.  They call it something completely different when a democrat "shows leadership" by voting with the GOP.

Bauer, of course, is a democrat.  Democrats simply don't care what the people they govern actually want, and the sheep supporting these clowns will continue to vote for them as long as their government checks are in the mail.

But here's the thing:

No legislator in office today... including the 4 fake Republicans who most recently betrayed their constituencies... knows more about the I-5 Bridge scam in any way that justifies their betrayal than I do.

That is, for example, Rivers lied to us to get elected and betrayed all of us in this county because, she claimed, it was a "business decision" to be a liar.

Bauer's take that legislators can feel free to ignore their constituency merely because they believe they know more is, of course, a license for those the people have elected to simply ignore them at will, merely claiming that; since they "know more," they can go ahead and do whatever they want... and tell those they allegedly work for to simply drop dead.

In a nutshell, this is why government at all levels is a mess.

"Representative government" does not include a lesser clause that states "unless the representative knows more."

Here's a clue: if you want to ignore your constituency because you "know more," then it is YOUR job to educate US so that WE know at LEAST as much.

Here's the problem, though.  The last go-round included CRC policy that we, the people, were to be ignored as much as possible.

So, no, Senator Bauer: the fact that Bauer THINKS that he "knows more" than his constituency as an excuse to ignore them in his deliberations justifies nothing.  For if it did, that would give a free pass to any legislator to vote for anything at any time... merely hiding behind that leftist representative philosophy.

And, of course, we all note that our 4 turncoats are being co-opted not only by special interests with big money, but by the left itself.

Have you EVER heard of 4 leftist legislators flipping on one of the most hard fought political issues of our time?  Of course not.

But the entire shtick that the people are to be ignored and now, when we run for office, we promise nothing, we provide zero specifics and we simply don't GIVE a damn what our constituents want because they're stupid and we can do what WE want... is the thing.

And Al... that's not what you were there for.

In fact, that's not what any of those people are there for.

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