Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Once again, the Legislature is going into special session. Once again, the Democratian whines about it.

Another year, another special session, another whine fest by the clueless morons at our local cancer on our community, the democratian.

First, when it comes to failing to get their way, the democratian would complain if they were hung with a new rope.

Second, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a special session.

Third, there's the obligatory utter nonsense from the rag over the McCleary rip off, a position of theirs which has zero relation to reality... in this case, that the Legislature doesn't have to do a damned thing the Supreme Court orders them to do, particularly when it comes to legislating.

The rag, of course, almost uniformly supports any tax increases, particularly as long as those increases don't negatively impact them or are applied to the pollution they produce.  In fact, we have yet to see, for example, that the B&O tax cut they so rabidly sought has been offered up by the newspaper industry as a way to increase revenue.

No... in the hypocritical world of the local rag, those increases only apply to someone else.

The rag wants the voters completely excluded from having any say in anything concerning taxes... they would much prefer that the legislature merely jams them down our throats.  And naturally, the state simply cannot take too much money away from us...  but they can take too much away from newspapers.

That's a fiat closely followed by the GOP-controlled state senate when it came to raping our wallets and our economy... to the tune of $700 million locally with their multi-billion gas tax/tab fee rip off... to help pay for King County's stunning wastes of money, the Alaskan Way Viaduct tunnel that any idiot could see was never going to be on schedule or budget; their massive loot rail scams that would and will do absolutely nothing for congestion in Sodom-on-Sound, and the floating bridge scam that wasted $400 million before a shovel full of dirt was turned... and then having to waste tens of millions more to replace brand new and faulty floats for that floating bridge... or the Vancouver Soviet downtown redevelopment, to include the Pollard Hilton... or CTran's waste of millions on BRT.... or anything else that might interfere with their agenda... or faulty conclusions...

That tax, which we have to pay, was the largest increase in state history... and RINOs like Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers went out of her way to make sure we COULDN'T vote on that scam.

In this instance, as usual, the democratian is typically wrong, typically partisan, and typically leftist hacks.  Their take on the special session is no exception.

Relatively speaking, in real terms, very little money is actually being spent that wouldn't otherwise be spent.

The legislators get paid the same in or out of session.  So, for the most part, does staff.  The costs for per diem are minimal when compared to the billions being discussed.

When I was a legislative assistant, I only received any kind of per diem to live in Olympia for the last part of the last session I worked there.  For the first 5 years, I was out of pocket to maintain two places to live while the legislature was in Olympia.  Legislators received $90 per day to do the same thing during that time if memory serves.

Because staff were Untermensch, we were given the astounding amount of $20 a day.

As I understand it, there was a mileage restriction on LA's.  If they lived locally, then they didn't get per diem.  Legislators, on the other hand, picked up per diem EVEN IF THEY LIVE IN OLYMPIA BEFORE AND AFTER SESSION...

That makes no sense, of course, but in reality, that is STILL chump change compared to the billions in question.

To that end, I am not at all concerned that they're going into special session.  Given the money at stake, my ONLY concern are the outcomes.

Sadly, the way this will likely work is that the dems will advocate some absurd, unreal amount of tax increases ($8 billion, is it?) and the RINO GOP Senate will "compromise" and give them half of what they were asking for...even though THAT figure is what the dems wanted all along.

The RINO GOP-controlled senate is nothing if not predictable.

The reality is that the senate... at a minimum... should have told the Supreme Court to go screw themselves.  That they refuse to do so is a very bad sign for those paying the bills around here... and you can bet that these same sellouts will spend much of the time after session trying to convince us what a great job they've done.

The question, however, will remain: what did they do FOR us... instead of TO us?

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