Monday, April 10, 2017

Impressions of Saturday's town hall meeting, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers... and why Rivers will never be great.

Wow.  I guess that my esteemed Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, is just a tiny bit piqued at moi.

Apparently, she forgot who she works for.

There were two legislators at the meeting yesterday: Gas Tax and Rep. Brandon Vick.

One acted like a rejected 7th-grade girl.  The other acted like, well, a legislator.  One reminded us... twice... that it was her 41st town hall meeting... in 7 years... like that is a big deal.

Clearly, Rivers is the only one counting because, you see, it's not the number of town halls that matters.

It's the quality and the communication between the constituents and their elected officials that matters.

Forty one meetings where you shuck and jive and don't care that you've lied, mislead and/or betrayed?

That's utterly worthless... and certainly not any kind of big deal.

This town hall meeting showed that she clearly wants me dead.  She's not the only one, of course, but her ability to control that outward emotion is in the nature of the job.

In my case and at least one other, she was rude, condescending, and generally, acted like a petulant bitch.

And in front of her constituents!

Here's the thing:

When you lie to get elected, there are, occasionally, people who are going to do their best to hold you accountable.  When you lie and hang a $700 million debt on the county you live in, occasionally, people are going to do their best to hold you accountable.  And then when you lie about WHY you betrayed us... (The $7 billion figure if she had voted "no" is an outright lie in the video below) occasionally, people are going to do their best to hold you accountable.

Rivers lied about her position on the gas tax/tab fee increases to get elected, pledges she put in writing (even though *I* wrote them for her) and then placed on her campaign website.

Here's a screen shot:

Nothing changed from when she put that pledge on her website and her betrayal of those of us who supported her election based on what we wrongly believed was the truth... except someone seems to have bought or blackmailed Rivers.

Everything in the paragraph was true when it was written and true when she betrayed us with her vote.

Of course, when the time came to keep her word, she voted to hang a $700 MILLION bill around the necks of those of us living in Clark County... or a tab of about $1500 for every man, woman, and child living here.

She didn't care that she lied, of course.  Her own words tell us that her only regret is having made that campaign pledge in the first place.

Here's what happened when I asked her about her betrayal in January of last year.

It's an 8 minute or so video of Rivers doing everything but taking responsibility for lying to us about her position on this issue.

When you lie for a year by $185,000 on how much money you've collected for your political campaign, there are, occasionally, people who are going to do their best to hold you accountable.

Obviously, Getting fined $4000 or so by the Public Disclosure Commission stung Rivers a tad bit, but here's the thing:

No one made her lie about her position on the gas tax and tab fees.   And no one made her lie about the tens of thousands over her true amount of money she'd put together for her last fool-fest.

So, in public, which is the only way I can get her to respond (She ignores emails sent to her office concerning legislative issues)  she does not react well to me... my presence... or my questions.

I'm sure that every time she sees me or thinks of me... which is a great deal given my efforts... she remembers all that I know.  And it's a problem for her because she also knows that I have not lied about what she has done.  A guilty conscience can cause one to give signs that someone has burrowed their way into your skull.  Saturday's performance tended to show that as well.

But the great ones... those in this line of work who have any political brains whatsoever, NEVER... LET... IT... SHOW.

They treat everyone the same... PARTICULARLY their constituents who for whatever the reason, oppose the actions they've taken in bad faith.  Clearly, Rivers has forgotten who she works for.

But when you represent special interests over your constituency... and with her efforts to let the pot industry off the hook because of their impossibly high, $582 million per year revenue projections is certainty another example of that... occasionally, people are going to do their best to hold you accountable.

The irony of all of this is that none of it was necessary.  And Rivers has no one to blame but herself.

Oddly enough, it extends beyond me as well.

Rivers is rightfully a tad touchy for her efforts to bring the CRC Scam back... and the reality that the only way... the ONLY way this unnecessary and unneeded waste of billions will be built is either WITH light rail or, the OTHER scam, "light rail capable" which means "light rail," period.

So, yesterday, at the town hall, somebody NOT me made an observation that indicated that any I-5 replacement bridge, which we, of course, do not need, would have light rail on it.

Rivers seemed to take affront at that obviously true observation and rudely interrupted this man, (who I don't know) and demanded to know where he heard that.

Well, as Rep. Wylie said, those of us who demand a look at the many other more cost-effective and useful alternatives that would make much more sense... us "ferrets"... have seen nothing BUT loot rail as the main driver for this rip-off.

A "robust mass transit component" is what that clown Wylie called it, and that, ladies and germs, is light rail.

Rivers actually acted like that was out of the question... not even a remote possibility.

But then, she'd also pledged that her support of a massive gas tax and/or tab fee increase was ALSO out of the question... and how did that work out for us?

Memo to Sen. Rivers: (I know you read this blog... you can't help yourself.) feel free to hate my guts all you like.

But in the interim?  Do your damned job and act like an adult.

Clearly, Saturday in Battle Ground, you did not.

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