Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chinese coal imports from the US skyrocket: coal through Clark County even MORE important.

With the news that China has refused to take NorK coal...
China rejects North Korean coal shipments, opts for US supplies instead
Published April 11, 2017  
Eric Shawn reports: Will China punish Kim Jong Un?

China has sent a flotilla of North Korean freighters loaded with coking coal back to their home ports, according to an exclusive Reuters report. Meanwhile, China has placed massive orders for the steel-making commodity from U.S. producers.  
Information on the Thomson Reuters Eikon financial information and analytics platform revealed that 12 freighters were returning to North Korea.  
Reuters attributed news of China’s rejecting North Korean coal to a trading source at Dandong Chengtai Trade Co., which is the biggest buyer of North Korea's coal.  
The Dandong Chengtai said it had 600,000 tons of North Korean coal sitting at various ports and that there were 2 million tons stranded at Chinese ports to be sent back to North Korea, Reuters said.

China has ramped up US coal:
Trump says China has turned back N. Korean coal ships, lauds it as 'big step' 

By Eric Bradner, Steven Jiang and Ben Westcott, CNN
No US coal was shipped to China between late 2014 and 2016, but 400,000 tons had been shipped there from the United States by late February, Reuters reported.

 The importance of the Port of Vancouver in this equation cannot be overstated.

The fringe-leftist nutjobs around here will likely freak, but this opportunity can supercharge an economic engine here locally that can outshine about any other locally owned business that anyone can think of.

Just sayin'... it's amazing how overseas policies can impact us here at the local level.

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