Thursday, March 09, 2017

What it is with local so-called Republicans and the CRC Scam?

We all know that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers has been bought like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion, and that she IS going to bend us over to shaft us on resurrecting the CRC/Loot Rail Scam.

We all know that Sen. Lynda "I'm a puppet" Wilson is going to join with her in raping our wallets.

We all know that Rep. Paul "Union Boy" Harris is joining them in ripping us off.

We all hope that Rep. Brandon Vick isn't in over his head, but fear that Rivers is using him to throw us all under the bus because she views him as a tool.

We all know that Boldt, Olson, Blom and Stewart have been voting like their last name is Moeller.  (Although for once, Stewart voted against the other Stooges on the I-5 Bridge Scam...)

But we are also scratching our collective heads and asking "what the hell happened?"

What do the powers that be have on Rivers that I don't?

What happened to this anti-I-5 Bridge Warrior, the Willamette Week christened "Bridge Killer" that she would lead the democrat charge to once again screw the entire county... if not the entire region... on resurrecting the exact same scam that she had previously been so instrumental in killing off back when she used to represent the people instead of those who own her like a political slave?

We saw the video with her pathetic "explanation" of how little her word is worth and how little she cares about our opinion.

WHATEVER she has told us or pledged to us is wiper away with the label of what she calls a "business decision."

Screen capture of Rivers' 2012 campaign web site... words long forgotten by Rivers now that she's gotten what SHE wants from us: namely, elected.

Here, in fact, is her 2012 Transportation plank concerning both tax and fee increases as well as the CRC Scam.  Of special note is her condemnation of the CRC Scam which somehow, magically, seems to have completely flipped from nothing but a loot rail project as she says above to something.... else.

The biggest irony?  She talks about ramming this bridge down our throats "without asking us."

Did she "ask us" about raping us with her gas tax/tab fee increases?

Don't think so.

Now, my moron, inept and incompetent puppet of a brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, who does whatever Jimmy Mains tells him to do like he got a chip implanted into his brain, had pledged another CRC vote before he approves such a scam.

I suspected that to be a lie since he had lied to my face about that very subject before.  With that clown screwing us on the county decision to back this stupidity in Olympia, I know that he lied to us all again.

But you see, Rivers has set the example: any promise or pledge is situational.  Any time you give your word, it's subject to "revision" once you're elected.

And Rivers burying her head up Democrat Sen. Annette "No lie I won't tell" Cleveland's ass is a perfect example that her integrity... what few tattered remnants of said integrity that remain... is for sale... one way (cash) or the other (blackmail.)

What else could it possibly be?

What the hell happened to the woman that used to be a champion of the people?  Why has she just turned into another leftist hack?

What do the powerful have on her?  Or in the alternative, what has been the payoff?

Either way, she has blown us all off.  And you can see that in the coordinated effort to lie this all into existence... check out Cleveland's fantasies in the Vancouver Business Journal and Rivers' unfathomable lies in the Reflector... that both came out about the same time.


I think not.

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