Thursday, March 09, 2017

Is it any wonder 3 RINO's on the County Council, including RINO Blom-ing idiot, betrayed us on the CRC/Loot Rail ressurection scam?

As expected, my dillwad brother-in-law is setting us up to screw us on the CRC Scam, his lies to me about requiring a vote on this ripoff notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, two of the remaining RINOs, who vote as if they were all named Moeller, naturally joined in to bend us over and screw us... and our wallets... sideways.

As usual, none of these three scumbags care what the people want and as a result, they voted like all of the other leftists... and they are getting ready to hurt us... and bad.

Boldt has become an embarrassment to the County.  Between having control of any future political campaign taken away from him, a nice little secret the scum at the democratian want to keep from everyone else, and his constant drumbeat of leftist votes like the true county chair is named Jimmy Mains, clearly the man couldn't tell the truth if it saved his live.

Of course, with Rivers leading the way with her lies about the gas tax/tab fee increases that have hurt us so badly, it follows that Boldt would join with her and the other leftists who simply don't give a damn what the people want or what we voted for.

And you know that NONE of the fake GOP types in government... NONE OF THEM, EVER ran on a platform where they were going to screw us on the CRC scam.


Why were they such cowards?  If this is so fricking right.... then why didn't ANY of these fake Republicans run on a platform that said, hey, you know what?  We don't care what you think.  We don't care what you want.... we're going to ignore you... so, vote for us!

We're SMARTER than you are, and once we're elected?

We can just ignore you... because there's nothing you can do about it except vote us out.

And by then?

It'll be too late.

God how I hate these people.  How I hate how they betray us.  How I hate that they ignore us.  How I hate their arrogance an incompetence.

I cannot adequately express it... so this will have to do.

And every RINO like Crain or Boger or that ilk?

They're just as responsible as these scum themselves.  And I hope they choke on it.

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