Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Illegal alien and Sanctuary municipalities.

A simple, two-pronged approach:

1.  Cut off any federal dollars to any state that allows sanctuary cities.

Much easier to administer than individual cities or towns or counties: if a state allows any governmental entity to engage in "sanctuary" politics, then that state and all entities within that state forfeit any federal funding for any program.

State governors/legislators have it within their control to end this; here's an incentive.

2.  Change federal law/regulations to implement the following anti-illegal rules:

A.  No illegal alien may own any capital asset.

That includes houses, businesses, cars or any other big-ticket item.

B.  Immigration status must be proven by anyone (or the parent of anyone) utilizing any public facility such as schools or hospitals.

If we want to end the illegal alien issue, then we have to end any incentive for illegals to come here.

Once an illegal is identified, that identity must be turned over to ICE.

C.  Anyone applying for employment after a date certain and anyone currently employed must be eVerified.

Those who fail to pass such a background check are turned over to ICE.

Those who hire illegals are subject to arrest and confiscation of their business and personal assets, ala drug forfeiture laws.

D.  End all provisions of the so-called "Dream-Act."

If you're here illegally, regardless of why, you should not benefit from that and we Americans and legal residents shouldn't have to pay for that.

No in-state tuition. No college aid.  No attendance at universities or colleges.  No driver's licenses. No business licenses.

We can't afford to send our OWN kids to these schools... why should we send those who don't have a right to even be here?

And those who have a problem with that?

Take it up with the parents who made the decision to come here illegally in the first place.

E.  Permanently enjoin any illegal alien from any pathway to legal residence or citizenship.

If you are here illegally, you've already proven your contempt for our laws.

F.  If you are convicted of a crime, then you are to be deported.  Immediately.

Simple, really: you want to live here?

Then play by our rules.

And if your country won't take you, then we immediately cut off any foreign aid until they do take these criminals back.

G.  Eliminate the so-called "anchor baby"laws that allow illegals to slip across the border to give birth to an American citizen and then use that birth as an excuse to stay here.

There are really only two questions here:

Do we really want to end the illegal alien problem?

Do we have the will to do what must be done?

Anything else is pretty much irrelevant.  This represents a strategy to achieve that goal.

Other, more intrusive steps can be taken to achieve this goal.  But these steps represent the cheapest and fastest routes to getting where we want to go.

And where we want to go is the place where the only people who are here are those we WANT to be here.

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