Thursday, March 30, 2017

Beginning to notice the GOP at all levels is pulling away from me.

Locally, it's the legislators and councilors selling us out.

Three fake Republicans are on the county council, voting like they're all named Moeller.

My moronic former conservative brother-in-law would sell one of his kids to stay in office and sold his soul to the fringe left and the RINOs to get the gig... and he hasn't stopped screwing us since.

They falsely claimed to be conservatives (Except, of course, for Harris, who never claimed to be) to get elected, and then they forget all about us when the time comes.

Rivers sold us out by screwing us on the gas tax and tab fee jacks that she'd pledged to oppose to get elected.

Vick is selling us out now on the CRC/LOOT Rail scam along with Rivers, who can clearly be bought when the price is right.

Wilson is doing what her husband tells her to do, and Harris has fallen all over himself to help the leftist screw us on the CRC Resurrection scam because that's who he is.

Nationally, a dillwad named Ryan is screwing up the lowest hanging fruit in the entire political orchard, and we can't even begin to get these people to keep their OWN promises, let alone help the president they so despise keep his.

Our locally party is being torn to pieces because they refuse to dump a preaching, pro-choice kid who talks all purty (so to speak) but is spreading the word that to be pro-life is to be pro-government... all at a horrendous ticket price that results in yet another local civil war.

What do ANY of these people have to do with me?

Labels, you see, are generally worthless when those wearing them don't actually keep up the tenets of what they mean.

Why on earth should anyone be involved in a party who rabidly supports people like this who are dropping us into an even bigger sewer than the left?

What's the up side?


I know what Republicanism is.  I know what it's supposed to be.

And these people are leaving me... and I believe many others... behind in their dust as they publicly abandon the principles that got them elected will publicly embrace the principles of our political enemies..

A group at all levels bent on out-democrating the democrats has nothing for me.  And when you try to hold these politicians accountable for their lies (and lets remember... the GOP is not SUPPOSED to lie) you get trashed... by those who HAVE lied and those who are getting paid off as a results.

I, in fact, have 3 local electeds, a city manager and a fringe-left hack with his puppet master arm jammed up the county chair''s back like a ventriloquist dummy call my clients in an effort to get me fired in retaliation for what I write.

Just the tiniest bit NAZI, if you get my drift.

I knew going in that those sleeping with the enemy would sell us out.  I foolishly believed that it wouldn't be our side doing the screwing.

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