Thursday, February 02, 2017

Why I'm a "no" on the Hockinson levy.

So, I was looking at my property taxes the other day, and I was stunned to find out that if this property value was in Battle Ground, I'd be paying around $3000 a year in property taxes.

Here in Hockinson, I'm paying $4300.

Folks, there's nothing in Hockinson worth that kind of imbalance.

Now, the purpose of this levy isn't academics... it's athletics.  There's little doubt that it will pass because people in this district seem to lack either critical thinking skills or awareness of how little we're getting for how much we pay.

In this case, with my idiot brother-in-law running the county council and his 3 puppets who collectively never seemed to have an original thought enter their heads that didn't die of loneliness, our county-imposed taxes are bound to skyrocket.

I am a "no" on this tax increase because we are getting nickeled and dime to death from every direction.

There is little doubt that the legislature's failure to tell the Supreme Court to get stuffed on McClearly is going to cost us money.  Sen Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' gas tax and tab fee increases are costing us all roughly $1500 each, including for children.  With the clowns running the county council there is zero doubt that taxes will go up as they did 6 of the 8 years Marc Boldt terrorized us while he was a county commissioner.

We bleed cash merely to stand still and breath in and out.  And given the abysmal product that the school district cranked out when it came to my own two kids... one of whom graduated with a 3.5 GPA and the other a 3.1... yet neither passed the Clark College math placement test... the answer is "no."

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