Friday, February 03, 2017

As each day goes by, Chris Vance reinforces my decision to vote against him in the last election.

So, for those of you foolish enough to vote for this clown, here's his latest stupidity:

What do you think of the latest riots and thuggery by the left?  What do you think of the most recent efforts by the Soros-financed goon squads to destabilize this country?

Well, Chris Vance thinks they're swell.

That whiney little bitch has actually come out in favor of the Portland-style riots that have destroyed property, spilled blood, blocked traffic and stifled descent.

He wrote an article at Crosscut where he actually told us that he, personally, will join the fringe-left whack jobs seeking the destruction of this country as he protests against Trump.

In fact, here's the article,  read it yourself and draw your own conclusions:

I’m a Republican, and I’m joining the protests

Chris Vance.

And here was my response, which is likely not long for their comment section:

Clearly, Mr. Vance, your crushing defeat at the polls a few months ago taught you nothing.

You can claim to be a Martian, but that doesn't make it so, and doubling down on your Trump hatred while you pander to your fellow leftists doesn't help.

Your support of causes the average GOP voter despises tends to show that since the days of your disastrous tenure as GOP Chair around here where you managed to be an EBoard lackey but showed yourself to be so far out of touch they had to pump daylight into you... As your efforts caused the GOP caucuses in the legislature to shrink to a size that would fit into a phone booth... Shows that you need to give serious consideration to quit screwing around and to just announce you're a democrat and be done with it.

You've made your position clear.  So, by all means, join the protests.  Get out there with your fellow leftists and Trump haters and Soros-financed neo-communist goon squads.  Get out there and start destroying property and assaulting those smart enough to disagree with you.

You lost.  Your perspectives and philosophies lost... again... and you were humiliated at the polls... again.

And in all of that... you learned absolutely nothing except how to polish your whining and sniveling skills.... as you do these "hire me" leftist-pandering articles so popular by the typical KingCo RINO.  Is it any wonder the GOP can't win a statewide election to save their life?

Committing political hara-kiri may not have been your plan here... But you've pulled it off brilliantly... And with attitudes such as yours expressed here, it reinforces my decision to vote for Murray.

And what am *I* "going to do about it?"

I'm going to support him.  I'm going to cheer him on.  I'm going to vote to re-elect him. And I'm going to oppose any effort you make to get elected to anything... including dog catcher.

Thanks for asking.

Chris Vance: your typical RINO fringe-left whack job masquerading as a Republican... convicted by his own words.

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