Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President Trump makes his first policy mistake... and it's YUUUUUGE: Allowing "Dreamers" to stay.

Yeah, I know, he had hinted at that stupidity.  But allowing illegals to use their foreign-born kids as anchor babies to stay here will typically mean allowing their parents and other siblings to stay.

And if the goal is to reduce/eliminate illegal aliens from invading our country... how does giving them this way to stay here accomplish that?  And how does this policy prevent future infants from being used as an anchor to stay here... much like anchor babies themselves are used as a tool to stay here?

Yeah, I've heard all of the arguments.  I've heard all the bogus "tearing families apart" crap.

But life is a series of decisions.  And that this country should allow these criminal decisions to be made and implemented by those scheming to wiz on our laws... to manipulate the system to their advantage and to insult the millions around the world who stand in line and follow the law.

One does not provide a cure for drug addiction by allowing the addict to keep and use the drugs they smuggled into the country years ago because they, the smuggler, managed to get them over the border.

Now, I am well aware that "drugs" and "people" are not the same.  But the PRINCIPLE is.

As a nation, it is not OUR fault that the PARENTS of these illegals (And face it, no matter how you dress it up, a "dreamer" is just as illegal as the parent(s) who brought them here.) made this decision and by implementing this as a policy, what possible incentive has the President provided to end this practice?


And now?

We all will suffer for it.

Is this harsh?

Of course it is.  But frequently, so is reality.

And this.... is that.

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