Monday, February 20, 2017

Memo for light rail shilling idiots: KGW reports- having wasted hundreds of millions on loot rail, Portland is the 12th most congested city in the country.

This speaks for itself.  Every fringe-left clown who sees loot rail as a cure for ANYTHING needs a frontal lobotomy for the obvious reason that they're brain-damaged idiots.

Having blown the better part of at least two billion, the city of Portland ranks 12th in the country for congestion and 40th on the entire world for that particular achievement.

Seattle, which stupidly just agreed to waste $54 BILLION on this failed technology... and which has wasted even more billions on the system they have now, ranks 10th in the country and 23rd worst on the entire PLANET.

THIS is what the leftists and the RINOs want here in Clark County.  Screwing us for $700 million for Seattle's horrific traffic problem isn't nearly enough.  NOW, these same clowns, the Rivers, Wilsons, Harris's and Vicks want to screw us even MORE.

12th most congested in the country.  An no additional amount of wasted billions is going to change that if you don't address the roads.

Choke on it, you simple morons.

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