Friday, January 20, 2017

The idiocy of the anti-Trump protests continues unabated.

There's stupid.... then there's anti-Trump fascist protester stupid.

Where are these protests supposed to take place?

In the very urban centers that overwhelmingly supported the criminally incompetent cow the protesters essentially WANTED to get elected.

So who gets hurt by all of this?

Not most Trump supporters: most of us are smart enough to live outside the socialist cesspools, and those are the places where these idiots are going to be acting out.

I do all I can to stay out of both Portland and Vancouver.

Sometimes, of course, it's unavoidable.  But when I can avoid it, I do.

That said, the entitlement generation who so wrongly believes they are owed something merely because they take up space on the planet's surface will be out in force; at a minimum, screwing up the day for those most likely to have supported them politically.

And that's the irony of all of this.

These protests accomplish nothing except to reinforce my conclusion that supporting Trump was absolutely the right thing to do. As these protests continue, the morons behind them all and their sheeplettes fail to understand that they are playing exactly and perfectly into Trump's hands.

The more rioting these clowns engage in, the more authority he can... and likely will... exercise.

I intend to get up early in the morning to watch the festivities.  And as these lowlifes cause disruption and damage to the communities that had overwhelmingly supported the candidates these people had supported themselves.... who wins?

It isn't the protesters.

At some point, even their political allies are going to get sick of it... those remaining who aren't sick of it already.

Of course, local government sympathy with the aims of these slugs will again result in few arrests and the vast majority of those who actually GET locked up will be released with the city's apologies.

And that, of course, is because when these cities had the opportunity to hammer these clowns into perhaps reconsidering the wisdom of keeping people from traveling freely, or breaking the property of others, or assaulting those who politically disagree with you.

As it is now, those who intend to rip the cities up have little to no reason not to.  They get to raise hell, break things, beat people up and pay nothing for the privilege.

Who cares about the people these jerks victimize?

Odd, isn't it?

The slime is all about THEIR rights... but not so concerned about yours... or ours.

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