Friday, January 20, 2017

Dear President Trump,

Well, today is the day.

Everything that happens... or fails to happen, is on you.

You made a wide and far reaching series of promises.  In everything from the wall being built and the Mexican government paying for it (or in this case, reimbursing us for it) to rebuilding the military to restoring our place in the world, to ending terrorism in this country to keeping terrorist muslims out to destroying ISIS to getting costs of government under control to getting rid of that idiotic common core crap to remaking trade to ending veteran homelessness to changing the culture from one of illegal alien destination resort to one where there is no reason for an illegal to come here... or to stay if they are here... to fixing the Veterans Administration backlog and medical facilities to fixing Chicago to putting the millions not on the employment roles back to work to bringing back the overseas business that has been screwing us for so long to, to... well.... you name it.

IF... IF... you are successful, then you will easily be re-elected in 4 years and the democrats will likely be over.

If you fail us... well, your tenure will be short and violent, the GOP will disintegrate and our country will likely implode.

No pressure.

While a large segment of the political spectrum sincerely hopes... wishes... dreams.... that you will fail spectacularly (and will do all they can to insure it), a larger segment wishes for and, dare I say it, prays for your success... since your success is OUR success.

Many of us believe in you.  Others support you because the alternative was a disaster and they really had no serious choice.  So much of what you've alleged has ultimately been shown to be true.  The corruption of both money and media is clear to thinking, sentient beings.

Early indications are that you will win much more than you will lose.  The more you rock the apple cart, the more the corruption is exposed.

While I predicted your win here based on the available evidence, much of that evidence was based on your ability to accurately read the concerns of the people.

If you become a macro version of our local politicos... who rarely give a damn what we think, need or want.... then you will not "win," either in the literal or rhetorical sense of the word.  You will have been wrong about getting "sick" of winning.

Because we will be "losing" and there will be no reason to keep the GOP in office... as there has been precious little reason to date.

At any level.

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