Tuesday, January 17, 2017

#NeverTrumpers actually complaining they aren't getting jobs in the Trump Administration.

There was... and to a lesser extent, still is... a peculiar sickness floating around that resulted in an allegedly "influential" group of RINO clowns who did all they could to get Hillary Clinton elected.

As the reader here knows... they failed.

During the course of the election, many of these same people signed a letter or two, and within those missives accused Trump of, among other things, indicated they would never vote for Trump while calling him a "danger to the nation."
The letters were explicit in their denunciations of Trump’s professed support for torture of terrorism suspects, his pledge to build a wall along the border with Mexico, his anti-Muslim rhetoric and his admiration for Russian President Vladi­mir Putin. 
The letters also attacked Trump’s character and temperament, asserting that he “lacks self-control and acts impetuously,” has demonstrated “erratic behavior” and is “fundamentally dishonest.”
It takes a special kind of chutzpah to trash someone to that extent... and then to delusionally believe, somehow, that your efforts to politically and professionally harm your prospective boss should be ignored and that you should have the same consideration for a position as those who've shown their loyalty throughout the process.

Typical of the RINO ilk, these people, who had the arrogance to believe they were the smartest guy in the room, seem to think that we should now ignore their efforts and record of the past.  I disagree... and apparently, so does Trump.

What they were doing with these letters was trying to gain entre' to a prospective Clinton Administration since what was driving their political position was their flawed political calculus that Clinton would win.  And they then set about to do all they could to make that happen.

That these people lacked the judgment and temperament to understand the depth and breadth of their political treason shows them to be unfit to serve in government in any capacity.

In fact, it casts a pall on their past service, while essentially confirming their horrific lack of judgment and an inability to understand that things have changed and hopefully forever, that you cannot realistically and in many cases, repeatedly, smack a prospective boss in the face on one hand, and expect that boss to look past you political treason as if it never happened while believing yourself SOOOO indefensible that no one else can hold an Administration position except you; or do the jobs in question as well or better than you... while those making the hiring decisions are still busy pulling the multiple shivs these same people had been ramming into their boss's back, out of that back.

These people are the epitome of political betrayal.  They very idea that ANY of them, apparently with a straight face, believe they can be... or even SHOULD be... chosen for any position by the Administration after doing all they can to make sure that such an Administration never existed?

That belief alone is the primary reason they should be given nothing in return for their efforts.

These people attempted to set up a garden of eligibility for employment in a Clinton Administration that will never happen.  And their efforts were to fertilize that garden with Donald Trump's political blood.

I'm reminded of the scene in Braveheart where the prosecutor was preparing to torture and disembowel William Wallace in front of a rabid crowd...
"Now behold the awful price of treason."
What's happening to them now... and what they richly deserve... is their political disembowelment.  The worst possible fate that can happen to a politician after an election....

They are being ignored.

That they could ever realistically expect anything else shows how useless they are... and how little they understood/understand the tide that rose and made the unthinkable... the election of Donald Trump... our reality for the next several years.

Elections, we have been told for the last 8 years of unrelenting agony, have consequences.  And so did the efforts of these people to make sure that Trump would not get elected.

The number one issue for Trump must be the loyalty of those he surrounds himself with.  There cannot be any doubt that professionally, those he appoints will have one political allegiance aside from that of the continuation of this country: Donald J. Trump.

And that is a test these people have failed.

Whining about this natural result doesn't change it.

No one made any of these people act like they were on Hillary's payroll.  But they did.  And as a result they should not labor under the illusion that there's a place for them in a Trump government.

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