Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Congresswoman Clueless doesn't fail to disappoint. Greg Gutfeld gives Herrera pointers on how to explain this to her daughter.

So, today was our local Congresswoman's first Town Hall in around 6 years.

One of the many reasons, in my opinion, that she shouldn't be in Congress is because of her laziness and lack of courage in facing those of us her inaction have screwed so badly since Cathy McMorris parachuted her in her back in 2007.

Giving credit where due, showing up, no matter how contrived the effort, does avail you points.  If this is the start of an actual pattern... if it shows she can and will get off her ass and stop mailing it in.... then who knows?

I freely admit at the outset that I did not bother to attend her prior Town Hall that took place back in the days of yore... and that I also did not attend this one since the VA was installing a hearing aid to replace the hearing the Army helped me to lose... not that I likely would have attended regardless.

Few walked out of there knowing anything they didn't know when they walked in.  That's the nature of anything Herrera says or does.

I haven't seen much of this meeting, but I did get the opportunity to review her babbling about why she betrayed this district by PUBLICLY opposing Trump and thus, likely blacklisting our little area from ever getting any Trump Administration assistance on... well... anything.

I mean, it's not like we couldn't use a touch of The Donald's help to address our cross-river transportation issues, but between a RINO Congresswoman on this side of the river and a fringe-left nutjob on the other, exactly how much help does anyone reading this remotely believe we'll get?

And here, you see, is the heart of the matter.

I, personally, don't give a damn who she voted for: I have zero desire to interfere in her right to decide that ballot mark, just like I voted for her democrat opponent in this last election... a vote which I was sure I would never... in the entirety of my lifetime... take when one considers who that opponent was.

But that she had to be so loud about it, all the while sounding like she was master-of-ceremonies at a Rachel Maddow coffee klatch? A decision that will very much hurt the people of her district because she shot off that big mouth of hers when she didn't need to?

Sadly, Jaime Herrera has never shown herself to be the sharpest blade in the drawer.  Her decision to help the effort to get Hillary Clinton elected goes to prove why she is a back-bencher with no hope of a leadership position or, for that matter, a hope of becoming a face of the GOP House... an outcome that certainly would have happened by now if it were ever going to.

Watch this link of a video where she continues to trash the President-Elect, emailed to me not too long ago.  Listen for yourself.... how sad and pathetic and bogus her response is on the issue of the left's efforts to force her to become a cudgel against the President... how much she sounds like an MSNBC or CNN talking head back when the controversy came up.
She STILL doesn't understand.  She still shows herself incapable of getting the political nuisance.

This isn't ABOUT her: this is about US.  And her stupidity and lack of political awareness has let another golden opportunity slip away.... as she sinks deeper into congressional anonymity... dragging us down with her.

And contrary to her response and excuses here, I believe the real reason she shot off her mouth had nothing to do with what she said here.

Who feels compelled to explain their political stances to an infant daughter?  No one, really.  Her trotting out that leftist exfuse merely deepens her RINOism....

But if she MUST "explain," she can use the musings of Professor Greg Gutfeld to get her over the top:

How many leftist talking heads said the exact... same... thing?

So now, I'm sure she feels just great about screwing up our chances for Federal help to address our transportation issues... not that she's done a damned thing about them in all the years she's had a job. 

But given the reality of the situation, one thing is for certain:  President Donald Trump will not give a damn one way or the other what our Congresswoman does... wants... or needs.  He won't care in the slightest what she supports or opposes... because she is that meaningless thanks to her inability to keep her mouth shut.

It has been said that it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people believe you to be a fool than it is to open it and remove all doubt.

She screwed up... not because she was wrong, per se'... (because she certainly was) but because WE are going to suffer for it.

And she offered zero compelling reasons in this video either for her actions or for any other possible outcome.

Meanwhile, the number one issue she SHOULD have been working on.... getting additional bridges across the river... goes wanting.  And her incompetence causes us all to suffer as a result.

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