Sunday, January 01, 2017

Clark County GOP: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Off and on throughout this New Years Day, I received multiple lectures from the Chair of the Clark County GOP, who has shown himself, IMHO, to be something of both an establishment tool and a historical revisionist.

Under the false guise of "unity," this guy is granting a full and complete "pardon" to the RINO contingent, forgiving all of their betrayals, all of their lies and all of their arrogance.

At first, I was supportive of the new chair of the party.  But then little cracks in the façade began to appear.


Well, the reality is that an establishment hack runs the local GOP here now.

The RINOs and the left are thrilled, no doubt, because once again we've been taken in

I admit it: I'm old school.

Past is prologue, to be sure.  Those who have lied (either while in office or to get in office), who have betrayed, who ignore their constituents, who insist on furthering the leftist agenda of more and higher taxes and fees along with more and greater government in the past... particularly the recent past... will assuredly fail to change their spots in the future.

Those who preach for "unity" at any cost are doing a more recent imitation of Neville Chamberlain, who, while waving a piece of paper around over his head assured us that because "Herr Hitler" had signed it, we were going to achieve "peace in our time."

Much like Mr. Chair's nonsensical unity scam.

You see, it is not the party's job to unify with the RINO contingent.

It is THEIR job to unify with the party.

These people have done massive damage to the GOP; inexcusable, undeniable damage that has caused us hundreds of millions of dollars and a fringe-left county government that is going to bend us over and rape our wallets for YEARS.

But our Chair simply doesn't care.

Lie to get elected?

No problem.

Lie once you ARE elected?

Perfectly OK.

Vote like your GOP party allegiance doesn't exist (because for many of these people, it certainly doesn't) and like your governance is precisely the same as the democrats you defeated would do?

Who cares?

Hold yourself and the GOP up like a piñata over on the C3G2 hate site?


Hold an Inauguration Party when the vast majority of his RINO buddies were either too cowardly to endorse our President-Elect or were so cowardly they bailed on their tepid endorsements when the heat got turned up.

So, they're invited to attend something which, were it in their power, never would have happened.


Well, perhaps he's enamored of party labels.  Perhaps his only litmus test is "does this person have an 'R' after their name?"

I honestly don't know.  But what I DO know is that his school of thought does not allow ANY accountability to be demanded on the part of those behind this damage.  His "solution" is that we simply ignore these political cowards and downtown mafia types and act like the last 2 years never happened...

No.  Hell no.

He insists that he's going to expand conservatism, yet he embraces those who wouldn't be caught dead either BEING conservative or VOTING conservative.

Insanity, it is said, is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome.

So, this fake conservative begs these people to join up... and then, when they beat us with a stick, we are expected to smile, turn around, look at them and scream, "THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?"

It would be one thing, you see, if he didn't know.

It's quite another that he DOES know... and doesn't care.

Well, good luck with that, Gang.  Like government itself, we have the one we deserve. And that applies equally to a party where loyalty and principle are meaningless, where truth and honesty and integrity aren't even whispers in the night.  You have the Chair you deserve because people got scammed enough to believe in him.

But no longer.

Count me out.

I look forward to reminding everyone the next time these same people screw us that I warned you all, as I have done so many times in the past... and no one listened.


And enjoy that unity, and the lesson taught to the RINOs: you can beat on us all you like... and for free.

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