Thursday, December 29, 2016

Year end wrap up.

Wow, what a year, right?

1.  Three accomplishments of note here at CCP:

My prediction that Trump would win and my prediction that with Boldt in charge of the county government (to the extent that idiot running the county administration allows him to be in charge) our taxes and fees would skyrocket …. Because, well, that’s what leftists do… were directly on target.

My successful effort to hold Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers accountable for her PDC scam, wherein she claimed she had $182,000 in her campaign that she did not have… and allowed that lie to go for a year until I filed a complaint against her for it.

Trump was one of the easier predictions: the nay-sayers based their #NeverTrump crap on seeing the Establishment slip away; their nonsensical down-ballot fears, carefully fostered by that same establishment; their idiotic “Trump is a plant so that Hillary will win” meme, and the fact that they were so very far out of touch with not only the base, but the interests of the American people.

Trump understood that the American people were sick of being ignored.  We’re sick of playing patty-cake with illegal aliens, sick of opening the flood gates to those who practice a religion currently predicated on our destruction, sick of allowing terrorists to go free so they can terrorize even more, sick of having our energy independence threatened, sick of cowardly foreign policy, sick of the horrors of the disaster known as “Obamacare" and sick of the massive expansion of the welfare state along with a massive debt that goes with it.

Yes, Trump understood it.  The whiners and the naysayers who never shut up about Trump not having a chance to win?

“How do you like Trump now?”

Boldt, the center of the 3 Stooges, has become everything I knew he would be.

The man is off his rocker; so psychotic that I had to permanently block his text messages to my cell phone.
The man governed as a commissioner like Steve “I don’t speak for the people” Stuart had his hand up his back into his head.

Think in terms of that comedian… Jeff Dunham… and Walter.

Boldt raised our taxes, shilled for the massive CTran tax increase, ignored our pleas for votes on the CRC Scams, supported the CTran district rip off that excluded 10’s of thousands of rural voters from having any say on CTran tax increases, but not from paying the tax increases themselves… and thought that we were idiots because we wanted a say in this multi-billion dollar extortion… and now he calls the shots having
been elected when 61% of the voters in this county did not want him in office… and along with his leftist colleagues, has voted at least as far to the left as their democrat opponents would have had they been elected.

The idea that he would be any different NOW?  That's as insane as Boldt himself.

Next time, perhaps, the people will actually believe the actual record of governance and ignore the RINO lies about these people: I will never vote for any of them for anything, nor will I ever vote for anyone who supported them… and ALL of those responsible for the disaster he represents in office are ALSO responsible for the damage he caused as a result.

Rivers, best known for screwing us sideways with her gas tax vote; after having pledged to oppose such a vote to get elected in 2012… costing Clark County $700 million as a result… was let off with a slap on the wrist for her fraud… that included 100’s of violations of PDC rules that they did not
Rivers' 2016 campaign slogan
find “intentional,” even though she knew she had over-reported for a YEAR… which serves to cast doubt on the entirety of the system we voted into place to keep these people honest.  But the reality is that she got busted.  And there is no excuse that passes the straight face test.

2.  The RINO effort to regain control of the local CCGOP failed... and we all suffer because they even tried.

The RINOs gave it a great shot.  First hashing this out over at Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio's place,(Wonder what their BAC is?) because they feel compelled to kiss Lou's ass to get the endorsement.  Well, that and buying a buttload of full-page ads for your business.  Right, Tracy?

Lefty Lou and Brent "RINO CINC" Boger, blitzed at LL's house.
Among their most recent meetings was their cabal klatch election night: too good to party with the rest of the GOP, they hung out close to LaCenter while the rest of the party was at the Heathman, if memory serves.

And then, of course, the nonsense of the two pre-reorganiztion meetings... including an illegal meeting scheduled for the Walnut Grove Church... likely the Ryan Hart influence at work.

(I understand that the church meeting died an untimely death after I pointed out that the IRS exemption of churches used for political purposes would likely be at risk.)

The center of the local fake GOP RINO cabal at Lefty Lou's place..
Then reorganization took place... and the RINO clique got hammered.

All this work... all this whining and sniveling... and nothing to show for it...

...EXCEPT ... the unpopular election of my neo-communist, leftist brother-in-law as County Chair... and the higher taxes, fees and expansion of government that was absolutely bound to result.

THAT, of course, is where these very RINOs are those most responsible for these higher taxes and fee increases:

Had these same RINOs coalesced around conservative candidates, this would be a completely different discussion... and we wouldn't be bearing these local tax increases that collectively far exceed inflation.

3.  Our worthless congresswoman continues to be MIA on the number one issue locally.

Cross-river transportation.

Local political lackeys seem fixated on the least needed non-solution: replacing the I-5 Bridge.

There is but a single purpose to replacing the I-5 Bridge and that is to being loot rail into Clark County.

Why this is the worst "solution" that, effectively, solves nothing is that the number one issue of the issues confronting us is congestion.  Replacing this already paid for, safe and functional bridge will do next to nothing to address the congestion issue, and certainly will not address it to the point where it's actually worth billions of dollars sucked out of our local economy as a result.

We need at minimum, two additional bridges: one east of the 205 and one west of the I-5.

Either would be an improvement, and the west of the I-5 route... from north Clark County to Hillsboro, for example... would have the largest impact on the I-5 Corridor... FAR larger... at a much cheaper price... than replacing the bridge we have in operation now.

And where has Jaime Herrera been on any of this?


But I suppose when you're stuck with a faker whose only purpose in life is to get reelected, this is going to be the outcome.

4.  The GOP-led state senate is gearing up to screw us on McCleary like they did the gas tax scam.

Yes, that was the allegedly Republican-controlled state senate who screwed the entire state generally and Clark County particularly on the gas tax/tab fee increases they rammed down our throats... without asking.

That these clowns are even discussing the Supreme Court's hissy fit is a dangerous sign.  And since the senate has people like Rivers and Wilson up there, it's not a matter of IF they are going to sell us out... but when... and by how much.

5.  Not to mention the GOP-Senate's effort to keep our illegal aliens happy.

It was the GOP-Senate that allowed illegal aliens to become eligible to go to college here AND get state aid for their efforts... further reducing the availability and funding for citizens of this state to attend the schools that our dollars pay for.

Sen. Curtis King, the ringleader of the King County Big Dig Bail Out masquerading as a gas tax/tab fee increase, has put legislation together to keep pumping out these driver's licenses for illegals so even thought they ARE illegal, they will have LEGAL ID.


That will make them not want to come here, won't it?

6.  The temporarily, artificially induced coma is coming to an end: the democratian engages in revisionist history as a start to the campaign...

This one was a beaut:
Which means that the first step must be to forge some sort of consensus. Opponents of the now-dead Columbia River Crossing claim that the project was generated with little public input; considering the hundreds of public meetings and the years of planning that went into it, this assertion is flat-out inaccurate, but that doesn't mean that consensus had been reached.
The moron who wrote this conveniently forgets the CTran memo that outlined the efforts to keep public input from having any impact... and the efforts to minimize that input to the maximum extent possible.

THIS was the "public input" Jayne was babbling about:
The decision meetings would be open to the public, but only minimum legal notices would be provided and no display advertising would be placed. We would not encourage public participation. The Task Force chairs would be expected to attend and respond to PSC questions concerning the Task Force recommendations. Task Force members would be made award of the meetings. Meeting notes would be prepared and posted on the website.
"We would not encourage public participation."

And this moron spews that "hundreds of public meetings" designed to be pure eyewash constituted "public input."

7.  The democratian continues to be a danger to this community.

Like the example above illustrates:  These is no lie, no exaggeration, no twisting of facts the rag won't engage in to achieve their agenda.

That the local RINO clique allows themselves to be used as leftist tools is hyper-evidence that their dalliances with Lefty Lou are based on his uber-leftist view, a view he chronically denies... but a view the facts prove otherwise.

8.  Democrats at the national level double down on their stupidity.

It's bad enough they ran the most corrupt presidential candidate in our history, a lying, criminally incompetent witch with all the charisma of a snake... but the reality is that what happened was a total electoral college repudiation of their fringe-left agenda that hurt so many people and bankrupted so many businesses.

The universally reviled effort to make this country a destination resort for illegals and, of course, the hated and despised lies of Obamacare... among many other disasters they visited on us.

Unfathomably high spending that has increased our debt by a factor of at least two.

And instead of learning from their mistakes, the left has made a political suicide pact designed to keep the right in power for eternity.

9.  The insanity of women in combat.

In the interests of social engineering, we now have both a gay military and the monumental stupidity of a "women-in-combat" military.

Both reduce readiness and both increase costs.  These plans and policies will, of course, result in troops getting killed unnecessarily.

"Chaos" will, hopefully, eliminate this idiocy immediately; ending the horrifically stupid idea of lower standards to get women onto the battlefield for the experience of getting killed.

10.  In the absence of any leadership from the moron-in-chief, China continues to expand it's border in the South China Sea while Obama fiddles.

Because the world has been cursed with a submissive coward in the White House for the last 8 years, Russia and China have pretty much had an open field when it comes to their expansionist policies.

There is no way... NO WAY... Russia would have invaded Georgia or Ukraine with a Trump in the White House.

And now, one of the first challenges Trump has to meet is to clean up the horrific foreign policy mess that clueless moron has left the world during his cowardly tenure.

Trump needs to call up the head guy in China and tell him to withdraw from that area; he needs to get Vlad on the phone and tell him to get the hell out of Ukraine, including the Crimea.

There's nothing either China or Russia can do about it; we've had the capability to force them all along.... what we've lacked is the will.

11.  The VA is continuing to kill Veterans at an alarming rate.

One of the many lies Obama spewed was that he was going to straighten out the VA and end the disability backlog.

How'd that work out for us?

Veterans awaiting care have gone so far as to set themselves on fire out of sheer hopelessness.  The disability backlog is at it's highest levels ever... VA offices have been discovered to be trashing veteran files in an effort to reduce the backlog on paper only... and veterans die awaiting  determination that will never be coming.

Now, we have a new wave of OIF veterans that we're throwing away because of Obama's lies. 

12.  Washington State GOP remains out of touch.

Remember the Establishment types at the Roanoke Conference picking Rubio?

CCP remembers.

13.  Local RINO's rounded up fake Republicans to run against conservatives.

The obvious candidates were Blom-in idiot, Battle Ground city councilman Shane Bowman (Recruited by Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers to run against Liz Pike) and Washougal city councilwoman Jennifer McDaniel, to run against county councilman Tom Mielke.

Blom-in idiot John Blom and the quarter-million dollars the Realtors bought him with was the only successful candidate they fielded.  The RINOs and the fake Republicans were played like violins and the democrat Nierenberg mafia to get David Madore out of office.  Blom-in Idiot will join with the other 3 Stooges to rubber stamp the leftist agenda of bigger government, higher taxes and bigger fees.

More to come...

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