Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The 4 Stooges take over... and we're gonna pay.

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From left to right, Stooges Stuart, Olson, Boldt and Blom.

The first 3 have already made our checkbooks suffer, and with the addition of clueless rubber stamp Stooge number 4, Blom, we're in for more pain, more arrogance, more non-responsive government.

More lies, more ignorance, more pain as they go about doing whatever they want to do, regardless of the will of the people.

The 4 Stooges are an embarrassment to government everywhere.  That this county would be run by four leftists, seamlessly interchangeable with their democrat opponents.... fake Republicans all... is precisely what the democrats wanted and precisely what our RINO contingent provided them.

They make me ashamed.  Boldt makes me ashamed I'm related to him, ashamed I ever worked for him and ashamed that he's the clueless incompetent running county government.

When McCauley lets him, that is.

Jeannie Stuart makes me ashamed that she ever called herself a Republican; Julie Olson is the exact same leftist as Chuckie Green, C3G2 hate site owner; and John Boy Blom is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Realtors who bought him like the Dred Scott decision was still the law of the land.

I have my differences with Eileen Quiring (mainly that she's taken money from the Cowlitz Mafia) but that won't stop me from feeling sorry for her... until or unless the downtown mafia co-opts her like they did my psycho brother-in-law.

The result?

More and bigger taxes and fees.  Bigger government.  More demands for our money and more restrictions on our lives.  RINOS and fake conservatives like Crain, Waters, Boger, Donnelly... ALL responsible for this horrific outcome.

That was my now proven prediction when the RINOs aligned with the GOP, and that is my projection for the next few years... as they make us hurt even more.

Right, Marc?

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