Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jaime Herrera: Missing in action.

Someone wrote an LTE to the democratian today, effectively taking our cardboard cutout of a congressional representative to task for disappearing on us (yet again) on the issue of solving our cross-river transportation issues.

Herrera has been utterly worthless as a Member of Congress.  She has accomplished precisely zip for this district, and when it comes to solving the issues of our cross-river trasportation problem, she's been far too lazy to show up.

So, we have a representative that embodies the combination of cowardice AND laziness as a part of her official job description.

Far too arrogant and disrespectful of her district to hold frequent and open town hall meetings, or ANY open town hall meetings, this waste of skin has done absolutely nothing to solve the most pressing transportation problems confronting the 3rd Congressional District: the construction of two additional bridges followed by the replacement of the I-5 Bridge... in that order.

A defender popped up and said that Herrera is 1/435th of Congress.

So is everyone else there... but that doesn't keep them silent.

Herrera should be banging this drum every chance she gets.  She should be hammering this issue like it's a nail... but you know what?

She's just too fricking lazy.  Pushing this would require effort on her part.  And her only effort is put towards getting reelected.

Herrera has been everything I knew she would be... and less.  Hopelessly over her head; a back-bencher that no one in Congress listens to.... an utterly empty suit who does nothing to represent us.  And that's the way the democratian likes it, because God Forbid if we actually had a functioning conservative member of Congress genuinely fighting for us.

I can't believe this clown actually gets to vote on a Declaration of War.

This is the fault of the mindless sheep, voting for her.... like they'd vote for a brick.... because it has an "R" after it's name.  Her decision to bail on Trump because she got sucked in to leftist hype is going to cost us here in her district.  Literally.

We have the government we deserve.  But like the 4 Stooges, even we don't deserve this anchor around our local necks.

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