Monday, December 26, 2016

So.... what happened to the political Brent Boger?

Seems he's kinda disappeared.

Months of bashing conservatives.

Months of supporting leftists like Marc "Tax Man" Boldt.

Months of bashing Trump.

Years of living in the RINO cocoon that blocks out the information that doesn't fit the meme.

Fort example, here was Boger's presidential election prognostication... one of his fellow leftists referred to it as "an island of sanity in a sea of Chaos"
“Here is my final prognostication for federal elections. Clinton will win with a 4% percent popular vote margin over Trump. She will have an Electoral College margin of 300 to 238. Trump carries all of the Romney states including Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina plus carries Ohio and Iowa carried by Obama in 2016. There has been a noticeable drift toward Clinton over the weekend in the polls. There still is the shy or hidden Trump vote theory that is plausible but I don't think will significantly alter the results.
In Senate races, I think the Republicans will lose Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania and will not pick up the one seat they have a shot at in Nevada. For a net loss of 3 overall and will control the Senate 51-49. 
In House races, I think the Republicans will have a net loss of 12 seats, for a 235-200 House in 2017-2019. 
The Presidential election this year has featured the second most unpopular politician in the country beating the most unpopular politician in the country. 
The 2018 midterms should be sweet for the GOP.
Of course, every single element was dead wrong.  But that's what you kinda get when you don't have a clue.

Oddly, a quick review of Bogers public FB page fails to show ANYTHING political.  It's like the political version of becoming androgynous.

And his RINO gathering spot, Clark County Center-Left, has completely disappeared.

I get it.  Keeping up these reminders of his humiliation isn't all that great.... but that all begs the question: why?

I mean, the miserable failure of the RINO effort to take over the local GOP nearly caused him to vaporlock, if eye-witness reports are accurate.  (Can you even begin to imagine a clown like Officer Sean Guard calling himself a REPUBLICAN?)

But now, if you were to look at his FB efforts, why, you'd have a hard time ferreting out that he ever WAS involved in politics.

How weird is that?

And more importantly, why is he trying to scrub his political history to make it more difficult to show that he is politically inept and incompetent, and a petulant jerk when it comes to his RINO foundation?

What is he trying to hide... and why is he trying to hide it?

I keep hearing this persistent rumor that Boger is under consideration for some judgeship or another.

Well, unless it's to judge at a cat show, he's shown his judgment to be utterly worthless in a variety of ways...

... no matter how much he tries to hide it.

He was out front supporting Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' betrayal of her district and this county, even though she lied to get elected to the senate... all while attacking me for putting it out there (Anyone can use anything I write for... or against.... any candidate) and the Scott Weber "vote for me because I want to eliminate county clerk as an elected position" scam was all Boger's idea.

His anti-Tatoo bigotry is clear for all to see... if he hadn't sanitized his FB page to get rid of all things political...

Google is your friend, fellow researchers.  ALL of it is out there.

In the interim, here's a few numbers I ginned up on RINO Brent myself.

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