Saturday, November 26, 2016

The insanity of the Boger/Crain GOP takeover attempt.

The fake Republicans who brought us such luminaries as democrat control of the county council, higher taxes, Higher fees, bigger government, more rules and less freedom are at it again.

Democrat Carolyn Crain and Chief RINO Brent Boger are making a serious effort to turn the local GOP into a neo-democrat joke:

For example:  With leftist idiocy like this...
Section 4.  Not withstanding the adoption of such core principles, no Republican shall be ineligible to hold CCRP office and no Republican candidate ineligible to receive party resources solely for not adhering to such principles. 
Carolyn Crain's endorsement of Chuckie Green, 

The effect of this kind of garbage is that a democrat could run as a Republican and these same morons, like a Boger or a Crain, can literally come in and continue to take their democrat positions, knowing that because of their bylaw scam the GOP would have to support them.  Or, as far as that goes, even endorse democrats for election, like Boger endorsed my whack-job brother-in-law and Crain endorsed democrat Chuckie Green, co-moderator along with Crain and that blithering idiot Smith of the fringe-left C3G2 hate site:

For example, these scum supported my whack job brother-in-law, who was also endorsed by the Young Democrats, as fringe-left a political organization as you can find in Clark County, all the while being endorsed and supported by these closet democrats.

Clearly, they missed the results of the most recent election, where clowns like Boger found an excuse to oppose the president elect, hypocritically ignoring their OWN WORDS: Republican shall be ineligible to hold CCRP office and no Republican candidate ineligible to receive party resources solely for not adhering to such principles.
Brent with his drinking buddy, Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio
Unless their name is Trump, right Brent?  Then, you come out and hammer him using the audio tape scam... and then, to make sure that doesn't come back and bite you in the ass, proceed to take down your leftist rant where you sniveled about it and declared that you, personally were refusing to vote for the man.

And that's the thing, you see: Boger and his fellow leftist clowns are pure, rank hypocrites.

This is nothing but a bald-faced effort to become even bigger democrat tools than they are now by taking over the party.

These two RINOs set the bar impossibly high to make sure that those claiming to be a Republican actually ARE Republican, requiring a 75% vote to to avoid endorsing their fellow democrats and leftists instead of relying on a simple majority for anything. Further, they remove the district of an aspiring candidate from any consideration, requiring a county-wide PCO vote to impact the votes of a district.

This is being set up in anticipation of the runs for re-election for democrat county councilors Julie Olson and Jeanne Stewart, who masqueraded as Republicans to get elected, but who have voted like the hard corps democrats they defeated to get elected in the first place.

Their leftist voting record should be the determinant... but it won't be under this mutiny.

They should be defeated.  And here's the thing: if they don't like it, they can always quit screwing around and switch parties, instead of tip-toeing around the reality that they are out of touch and, frankly, butt-hurt that their efforts have availed them very little to date.

As it should be.

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