Friday, December 23, 2016

One Million Page Views.

I actually exceeded that 3 or 4 years ago, but I didn't start keeping stats on this site until May of 2010 (I started this effort in 2005.)

7250 or so published posts.  A constantly building database of corruption, political arrogance and the effort to rip the cover off these people who so despise those they would govern.

A thorn in the side of the establishment and the local democrat daily.  Screaming truth to power.

Overcoming efforts to intimidate, to have clients fire me, to assassinate my character.

At LEAST a million times, people from around the world have read these pages.  I hope it has been some small measure of help.

For my multiple enemies that hate me personally for what I say or who I say it about (And I'm talking to you, Judy) that's just too damned bad.

None of you have ever had the guts to confront me directly.  And that speaks volumes... about you.

To those who haven't written me out of their will, I always try to do the best I can.  I always tell the truth as I know it.

And to the scum who claim I get PAID to do any of this?

Well, when I was defending YOUR asses, no one was paying me to do THAT, were they, Lew?

You have to speak up to make a difference.  Those in power who have betrayed us hate me now... but loved me back when they believed they could use me, then.... and many have made a serious effort to cost me my living.... names like Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers,  Brent"RINO-in-Chief" Boger, Jimmy "I'm using these RINO tools to turn this county left" Mains, Marc "Psycho" Boldt and Steve "I never spoke for the people" Stuart among those in question.

Yes, three of these same people, back when they actually were Republicans, had no problem with my meager effort.  Of the 5, I worked with one of them for hundreds of hours and dozens of days (and sleepless nights) to keep their family together, and I get this kind of thing in return.

That kind of arrogance and lack of integrity is what makes it easy for me to do this blog, even in the face of the tremendous pressure to shut it down... pressure I had to temporarily give in to... but only until I discovered it made no difference.

I'm always out here.  Always watching.  And many are fortunate that I don't tell everything I know... because the collateral damage would be horrific.

When you cross us, I'm going to be there.

When you lie to us, I'm going to be there and I am CONSTANTLY going to remind the people that you've lied.

When you commit PDC fraud, I'm there.

When you screw us, I'm banging away on my keyboard.  When you try and ram your RINO crap down our throat, I'm going to out you.

Right Greg?  Right Scott?  Right Ann?  Right, Brent?  Right, Crain?  Right, Tracy?

That and the concept of a library/data base of information that people generally and the democrat daily in particular want us to forget...

....that's why I'm here.  And why I'm staying.

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