Saturday, December 10, 2016

In view of the Boldt/RINO tax increase, isn't it time county government get rid of those obscene car allowances?

Regular readers likely know that those in elected county office and those in other executive-type positions in Clark County all get a pretty hefty car allowance... save for the few who've refused to take it... of which one, David Madore, comes to mind.

In view of the major tax increases getting rammed down our throats,  isn't it time to get rid of this idiocy?

I have advocated that in lieu of jacking up our taxes, the council should do whatever it takes to avoid such a step, including laying off the requisite number of employees to insure that the costs of payroll, benefits and retirement remains revenue-dependent neutral.

Councilor Marc Boldt apologist, County Assessor Peter VanNortwick, assures me that isn't possible.

He demands to know why I didn't complain when "Madore raised our property taxes."  Well, besides the fact that I don't have to justify myself to ANY government employee as to why I do or conclude about anything, to the best of my knowledge that simply didn't happen.

But even if it did happen, that doesn't justify Boldt's efforts to rape our wallets, keeping the pattern he set as a county commissioner 6 out of the 8 years we were unfortunate enough to have him in that position.

Meanwhile, county employees who receive a car allowance... particularly when they're making close to or in excess of 6 figures as it is... are hardly in a position to lecture those of us who pay their salaries about any aspect of why they will not take the needed steps to reduce or eliminate the need to shaft the taxpayers of this county with another in the series of massive tax increases.

The electeds like VanNortwick demand that WE sacrifice for THEM.

I demand that THEY sacrifice for US.  And they can start by getting rid of their obscene car allowances.

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