Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thoughts on illegal aliens.

On occasion, I have provided a plan to self deport illegals of all stripes.  It's not that difficult to implement, nor would it take all that much time.

The simple solution is to end the reasons illegal aliens come here.

End the illegal alien destination resort that not-so grateful American taxpayers provide for millions here breaking our laws as the leftists work to shore up their voter base with the illegal alien vote.

Imprison those who hire them.  Confiscate the employer's property, personal and business.

End schooling them.

End in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

End welfare for illegal aliens.

End property rights for illegal aliens. 
End health care for illegal aliens beyond stabilizing them for deportation.  
Fine the home country of any illegal alien $10 million for each illegal caught.

Set up illegal alien courts at locations around the border.  Require an illegal to prove they are here legally.  Keep them in custody until they are deported.

Make "sanctuary cities" and  "sanctuary states" illegal.  Cut off all federal funding of any kind to any entity providing safe harbor to those breaking our laws based on the fact that they are not legal residents or citizens of this country.

Take them as far away as possible and dump them once they are deported.

The idea that we would have to round up non-criminal illegals under these circumstances is obviously not true.  Once this process was implemented, illegals would wither on the vine and leave here in droves.    
Criminal illegals should be rounded up and deported immediately.
Of course, many will snivel about "breaking up families."  Untrue on it's face, the entire family can feel free to go back with the deported alien.  That's their choice.

You see, this outcome is based on the decisions made by others outside this country.  The parents who decided to come here illegally; have children here (aka anchor babies) in an effort to remain here are the ones who brought this insanity about.

It was their circus.  These are their monkeys.  THEY bear the responsibility for these outcomes, based on their deliberate decision to break our laws.

No one made them come here.  No one forced them to break our laws.

Eliminate the reasons they came here, and they'd stop coming.  Eliminate the reasons they stay here, and they'll leave.

I have no problem at all, for example, implementing the laws of the countries these people came from so that those laws are applied to them here as well as their country of origin.  After all, fair's fair.

The... end.

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